Petra Gear

Mission Gear

Full Tactical Body Armor2,426.55call in one alien body armor
Laser Rifle2,265.6cd12W, 2,400 ft., RoF 3(39), 3 Clips
Alien Laser Pistol????d12W / d6S, Range 250 ft., RoF 3/1(100)
Advanced Dart Gun600c2 clips
Data Disc x30.6cstores up to short holographic recordings
Red Sample Quick Injector (x2)2cfast injecting blood pen
Snaplights (10)0.2cglowsticks, last a few hours
Enabler100cconnect one system to any other system

Reserve Combat Gear

Plate Vest (New Tech)60cDiscreet Body Armor: 4W*, -0 Agi, 5 lbs
- Grounder Mesh80cwoven into the plate vest, +2 Step bonus to resist stun weapon attacks
Plate Pants (New Tech)60cDiscreet Body Armor: 4W*, -0 Agi, 5 lbs
- Grounder Mesh80cwoven into the plate pants, +2 Step bonus to resist stun weapon attacks
Luxarma680.8cd12W, 150 ft. Range, 3(10), new tech rechargeable clips (3)
- Laser Sight3.6c+1 Skill Step when Aiming
- Ocular Scope13.6cElectronic scope capable of 128x magnification, ignore all range penalties
Ranged Stunner150cd6S+Stun, 10 ft. Range, 1(24), 3 clips
Rail Gun225.6cd12W, 2,000 ft. Range, 3(20), Silent, 5 clips
Gauss Pistol (New Tech)22,400 ft., 80cd6W, 120 ft. Range, 1(6) – Silent, 2 AP, 4 Clips (2 Standard, 2 Non-Lethal)
- Trigger Lock10.4cfingerprint reader, 1 combat action to unlock
Combat Shock Gloves58.4cd6+d6S+Stun, new tech battery (30), emp setting, 7 clips
Stunner3cd6+S (Hard Resistance or KO’d, -1 Step Attributes for 1 min on success [cumulative])
Null Holster75cweapon cannot be detected by any scanner
Concealed Holster2c+3 Step Skill bonus to hide weapon
Harness6cHighly adjustable combat rig with lots of pockets, straps, etc.
Shooters Goggles1.2cstandard goggles worn over the eyes to protect them
Micro Transmitter8cdiscreet ear piece, range of a few hundred yards
Ocular6cdigital binoculars / range finders, range of a mile and a half
Multi-Tool2ca small combination tool
Reprogrammer6.8small hack box
Surveillance Gear120cIncludes long-range oculars, cameras, miniature imagers and recorders, microtransmitters, thermal imagers, a comm frequency scanner, and more of the like. Using this gear adds a +2 Skill step to Covert/Surveillance attempts.
Vox Scrambler35c10-foot field that distorts all verbal recording devices
Radiation Tag0.35csmall badge that indicates if you’ve been exposed to radiation
Multiband (New Tech)9.6can all-in-one watch, digital compass, calculator, alarm, radio receiver, generic remote control, and voice memo (not fragile)
First Aid Kit0.6ca kit that can be used to provide basic first aid
Lock Picks14csmall picks and wrenches used for opening up old fashioned locks
Electronic Lock Picks35.4cused to open electronic locks
Babbler120c20 ft. range, scrambles all signals to static
Laser Cutter660chigh powered cutting tool
Cammer Jammer4cIR camera blocker
Eye Lens Computer240cnew tech contact computer
Mollia Magna32cnew tech voice modulator and comm piece

Work Gear

Forgery Kit40cincludes a portable computer and printer, a wide range of paper types, specialty inks, a holo-seal printer,a high resolution scanner, and a number of chemicals and synthetic materials useful for adding a bit of authenticity to phony documents
Punchpad17.2cbook-sized, single function computer
Gun Cleaning Kit2.4cused to maintain guns and knives
Dedicated Sourcebox154cterminal that maintains 200 TB of data, acts as hub for a mile around
CAD Board27.2callows in-depth examination of building plans, ship layouts, and the like
Basic Tool Kit14.4cfull set of basic hand tools
Radiation Tags x310.5cspare radiation tags
Snaplights x10 0.2cspare glowsticks

Misc Gear

Rucksack2ca military style backpack for holding gear
Sleepsack2cinsulated waterproof sleeping bag, includes carrying bag
Suit20c. . . as long as I got my suit and tie . . .
Clothes (7 days)37.8cseven days worth of clothes
Gamebox6.8chandheld entertainment console
Squakbox2cportable hand-held music player, holds a few thousand songs
Colored Contacts + Supplies8c4 boxes of high end colored contacts w/ cases and solution

Petra Gear

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