Petra Backstory

Voice Queues

  • articulate, somewhat soft spoken
  • secretly a bit competitive
  • doesn’t like folks with wealthy backgrounds, thinks that means that they didn’t have to work for anything
  • hides her creative side and is very shy about it
  • dresses in simple clothes, but loves shawls and scarves as she is often outside in the chill at night looking at the stars
  • has always wished she was a bit more resourceful, was always jealous of the street urchins who could steel and hide better than her


  • 28 yrs old, left handed, 5’8", 134 lbs
  • Petra is an orphan from Persephony. She has no memory of either of her parents and her first glimpses of childhood memories are that of cold allys and dark streets.
  • Petra was picked up by the local Persephony police—she was starving and terrible at stealing, making her an easy catch. Petra was a beautiful child and a member of the Companion Guild offered to take her and raise her—the Police’s receptionist thought that was a sinful idea, shooed the Companion away, and instead let the child sleep in an open cell and spend her days in the station lobby and break room.
  • The receptionist, a bitter but kind old woman, refused to send the child away while she was so malnourished and told the Police they could send her to an orphanage once she was well fed. The Police didn’t fight their receptionist and let her have her way.
  • The receptionist, took to calling the orphan Petra…after the lost city on Earth-that-was.
  • Petra stayed at the Police station for several months before she was moved to a local Persephony orphanage. To this day Petra can’t remember the receptionist’s name, but remembers her voice and face…and remembers that she helped make sure she grew up into a living where she earned her way with her mind, not her body. Something Petra has always been grateful for.
  • Petra quickly learned at the orphanage that they prized children who were quiet and good at their studies, Petra was competitive and quick to learn..she pushed herself to be the brightest child there and quickly succeeded; but that meant that Petra seemed socially withdrawn and shy and while the other, dumber children, began to be adopted one by one, Petra was left to grow up at the orphanage.
  • But thankfully her studies proved to be her salvation, she excelled in school and received a full scholarship to attend an elite secondary school on Londinium, where she quickly rose to the top of her class…much to her classmates dismay. Many of her fellow classmates were from wealthy homes and didn’t take well to losing to a poor orphan.
  • With her pursuit of her studies Petra didn’t have time for friends or boys, or at least that’s what she told herself, when her classmates would scorn her. She quickly grew a distaste for those of wealthy means, in her mind they were synonymous for asshole.
  • Petra was recruited from secondary school at the age of 21 by Starline Industries. On her building security badge she was required to have a last name, something she hadn’t really given much thought to, she picked “Lee” as it was a very common name in the Verse, perfect for blending in with.
  • It was at Starline that Petra finally truly felt comfortable. She was surrounded by peers that shared her thirst for knowledge and could have conversations with them and not feel like they couldn’t keep up. Despite the heavy workload Petra made several friends and was even promoted to a lead researcher position in Astrophysics division.
  • One of her favorite places quickly became on the Starline building rooftop where she spent many hours starting at the cosmos via the Starline state-of-the-art telescopes.

People She Knows

  • Steward Armstrong:
    • calls him Stew, one of her coworkers at Starline, he’s a bit young but still very smart and they share a healthy rivalry
  • Mikael Page:
    • Petra’s boss, he serves on the board for Starline Industries and has often gone to bat for Petra for budgets on her projects, she respects him
  • Gail Arrow:
    • one of Petra’s coworkers and one of the few female friends that she has
  • Logan Yee:
    • security guard at Starline Industries, Petra dated him for awhile until things started to get in the way of her work, after the breakup Logan became somewhat aggressive and stalker-ish, Petra’s boss, Mikael Page, had him reassigned to a different shift and Logan is now working nights so he can’t cross paths with Petra

Petra Backstory

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