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Basic Mutations

The first section is the most “basis” form of mutation those infected with Red Eye experience. Those with this tier of mutation are typically referred to as “Stage 1 Red”.

“Stage 1” Mutation
Origin: Somewhere in the Core
Description: Easily the most common version of Red which affects 99% of the population that is “infected” with Red, the base mutation is known as “Stage 1” and confers the equivalent of peak genetic engineering in those that carry the mutation. These individuals do not exhibit the superhuman characteristics of other carriers but easily surpass even the best physical specimens humanity has naturally created.

Mechanics: Benefits vary from person to person but most Stage 1s have common characteristics:
• All Stage 1s, upon exposure, did not have an extraordinary Attribute (d12+) but almost always acquire them shortly after
• Immune to all human diseases
• Remove all negative physical Complications (Glass Jaw, Lightweight, etc)
• Can reroll any Endurance roll to be “On the Mend”
• One Second Wind per encounter (instead of per day)
• Recover 1 Stun every 10 minutes (instead of every hour)
• Recover 1 Wound every 1 day (instead of every 2 days)
• Go without sleep for half your Vitality die in days
• Sense Infection [Alertness + Perception / Intuition contested by Willpower + Discipline / Concentration: Stage 1 (Easy), Stage 2 (Average), Stage 3 (Hard)]

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Moderate Mutations

Slightly more advanced than Basic Mutations, those with this level of mutation are known as “Stage 2 Reds”. Red typically also confers the same level of benefit to Stage 2 Reds as the Stage 1s benefit from.

Explosive Blasts
Origin: Kana (Dynamite)
Description: By causing a concussive reaction using excited molecules, Kana can cause seemingly spontaneous combustions on anything within her line of sight. This ability can cause explosions from nothing or she can force other volatile objects (like weaponry) to explode.

Mechanics: Without some form of superhuman resistance, Kana’s explosions always connect unless she botches the activation roll. Roll her Intelligence + Alertness to determine the strength of the explosion. Her result determines the strength of the explosion (rounding down to the nearest die value and cycling over to new damage dice if the result exceeds 12 and every increment thereof). If she targets an item and her result damage is higher than the damage of the weapon, the weapon also explodes dealing additional dice of damage equal to its base damage rating. For example, if Kana forces an explosion on top of a soldier and rolls an activation roll of 14, the resulting explosion deals a d12+d2 die of damage which can then be absorbed by armor as normal. Targets that suffer more Wound damage from an explosion than their Vitality die from a blast must make a Hard Endurance roll to remain conscious.

Area Blast: An explosion typically effects only a single square, but Kana can choose to hit multiple targets. For every point she subtracts from her die roll result, she can target an additional square with her explosion. For instance, if she rolls a 17 to impact a single square she can subtract 3 from the result to hit a total of 4 adjacent squares and deal d12+d2 Wound damage to all targets in those squares.

Against Superhuman Opponents: Targets with superhuman senses or reflexes have a chance to avoid her explosions and can use their superhuman power to contest her activation roll. If they exceed her activation result, they can avoid the blast entirely.

Stage 3 Mechanics: Kana’s blasts at this level vary based on two factors: how accurately she can hit her target and how big the target is.

Activation Roll: Intelligence + Alertness + Ranged Weapons / Kinetic Blasts (opposed by Defense)

Large Targets: Against structures and vehicles (such as spaceships), Kana’s blasts deal ship-scale damage.

Targeted Blast: Kana rolls her attack roll against the target’s Defense. For every point over the defense her attack roll is she adds another step die of damage.

Area Blast: Before making her attack roll, Kana can decide to make an area attack. For every step penalty she voluntarily takes, she doubles the area of her blast. For example, -1 step is 2 squares, -2 steps is 4 squares, -3 steps is 8 squares, and so on.

Invisibility Field
Origin: Nameless Soldier (Londinium Facility Battle)
Description: The ability allows the Red to create a light-bending invisibility field over their self or a small area. The invisibility field renders them completely undetectable in the visual spectrum ranging from normal human sight to even more advanced applications, such as infrared.

Mechanics: The activation roll is Intelligence + Willpower to create a field. Targeting ones self is Easy while targeting a small room is Average. A larger room or mule is Hard and a small house or shuttle is Formidable. Targeting a large house, small city block, or small transport is Heroic. Making an entire mid bulk transport invisible would be Ridiculous.

Other Spectrums: Each additional visual spectrum (heat, ultraviolet, etc) increases the difficulty by 4.

Origin: Arturos
Description: Arturos is the son of Charlie and has inherited some of his abilities. Arturos has the ability to empathically sense the feelings of those around him and imprint his own emotions on others. While he cannot directly control people his ability to manipulate their feelings makes his interactions with others much, much easier.

Mechanics: Arturos’ ability has two base effects, both of which are triggered with an Alertness + Willpower roll.

Sense Emotions: Each tier he achieves on his roll allows him to sense one emotion and the rough context it applies to of anyone in the same room as him (1 emotion is Easy, 2 emotions is Average, 3 emotions is Difficulty, etc.).

Impress Emotion: Arturos can impart an emotion on someone to make them more agreeable. If he rolls an Influence roll (or other related social roll) on someone related to the imparted emotion, the roll gains an Attribute step bonus equal to the tier achieved by his power activation roll (so Easy is a +1 step bonus, Average is a +2 Step bonus, Hard is a +2 step bonus, etc).

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Blue Blood, Connoisseur, Good Name, Home on the Range, Intimidatin’ Manner, Leadership, Nature Lover, Reader, Religiosity, Sweet and Cheerful

Origin: Jina
Description: Jina’s ability to seemingly teleport isn’t her altering herself in any way to cross an expanse. Instead, she has the ability to bend the fabric of space-time to “fold” locations onto themselves which allow her to seem to move instantaneously from one place to another. Jina can also alter her relative movement speed after bending space-time so that she achieves the desired affect. For example, teleporting from one spot on a ship moving at high speeds is possible by conserving her relative motion (so she doesn’t slam into a wall upon appearing at a “resting” speed) but she can also halt her relative speed which allows her to move from a moving ship to a stationary object (so she doesn’t teleport off a starship to a planet and appear moving at several thousand miles an hour causing her to be flung into the nearest wall at skin-peeling velocities.

Mechanics: Gina rolls Alertness + Vitality to activate her ability. Taking another person-sized object with her (regardless of mass/density) adds +4 to the difficulty. Moving a group of people (a half dozen or so) adds +8 to the difficulty. Moving a moderate sized vehicle like a hover mule increases the difficulty by +12, and lastly she can move a mid-bulk transport by increasing the difficulty by +16.

The difficulty of Gina’s teleportation is determined by the distance she wants to travel and the higher tier she achieves the higher her rate of movement. To determine the maximum distance traveled, subtract the difficulty of the desired distance from her result and multiply the remainder by the distance increment for her difficulty tier. The distance increment is determined by the difficulty she wants to travel: Easy is measured in feet, Average in 10 foot increments, Hard in 100 foot increments, Formidable in miles, Heroic in 10s of miles, Incredible in 100s of miles, and Ridiculous allows her to move in thousands of miles.

Example: Gina wants to teleport to a different part of a city block which is about 500 feet away. Since her distance is in 100 foot increments, her base difficulty is Hard (11). Gina rolls and gets a 17. Subtracting her result from the base difficulty leaves her with a remainder of 6. This gives her 6 (The difference) x the range increment (100s of feet) for a total movement of 600 feet. Since this result equals or exceeds the distance she wishes to travel, she successfully makes it to her destination.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: A Moment In Time, Math Whiz, Steady Calm

Stage 3 Mechanics: Jina’s power vastly expands allowing her to move objects and people incredible distances through space/time.

Activation Roll: Alertness + Vitality + Athletics / Teleportation

Base Teleportation: Teleporting a handheld object is done at a -4 difficulty modifier, teleporting herself is at no penalty, teleporting a half dozen people or a mule is a +4 difficulty modifier, teleporting a shuttle is a +8 difficulty modifier, and telelporting a mid-bulk tralksport is a +12 difficulty modifier.

Teleport Range: Teleporting something within line of sight is Easy, teleporting something anywhere in a city is Average, teleporting anywhere on the planet is Hard, teleporting anywhere in the same system is Formidable, teleporting to an adjacent system is Heroic, and teleporting to the opposite side of the Verse is Ridiculous.

Kinetic Energy Absorption
Origin: Jackson
Description: Similar to Gorgeous George’s mutation, Jackson has the ability to absorb kinetic energy that directly affects him. His mutation has evolved in that any kinetic energy exposure to his skin is harmlessly dissipated unless the kinetic force surpasses his mutations ability to adapt him to it. As a result, provided the force acting on him isn’t well beyond his capability, Jackson is almost impervious to damage.

Mechanics: After being struck by a force and the result is determined (whether the potency of the ability or the damage from an attack), roll Vitality + Vitality. If the result equals or exceeds the affecting roll, the damage is harmlessly dissipated. In a single action this ability can be used up to half the character’s Vitality times per round (ex. a d8 Vitality character can use this up to 4 times per round).

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Heavy Tolerance, Tough as Nails

Adrenaline Burst
Origin: Titan
Description: Titan has a unique ability to flood his body with his adrenal gland giving him almost superhuman levels of strength, speed and endurance for short periods of time. As a result of his mutation Titan produces a large quantity of adrenaline and testosterone that his body “bleeds” off when not in use.

Mechanics: As an attack action, roll Vitality + Strength. For every tier of difficulty the character gains a +1 step bonus to all Physical Attributes for the turn (e.g. +1 Step bonus is Easy, +2 Step bonus is Average, +3 Step bonus is Hard, etc.)

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Athlete, Fightin’ Type

Origin: Ansel
Description: Able to perceive the deterministic nature of the ‘Verse around him and interpret it on a superhuman level, Ansel can see what’s going to happen before it actually happens and see most (if not all) potential outcomes of a single action based on the current circumstances. While Ansel’s ability may seem as though he has the ability to read minds, his observations are actually based on a subconscious understanding and superhuman perception of those he talks to. When speaking with someone, for instance, if that individual would lie to Ansel he simply knows that the lie is a potential outcome to the conversion and has to determine the truth as though he were having a normal conversation.

Mechanics: Precognition has two functions, both are activated by rolling his Alertness + Alertness.

Rapid Intuition Response: Ansel spends an action and rolls, allowing this ability to last one round per tier difficulty met (1 round is Easy, 2 rounds is Average, 3 rounds is hard, etc.). For the indicated rounds, Ansel gains a sense of what will happen which allows him to roll his Alertness and subtract the result from any contested roll.

Determine Possible Outcomes: Pose a single question and roll to activate the power as an action. A success determines how far into the future the results of a single action can venture and provides a detailed understanding of the repercussions of an action. Seeing a few rounds into the future is Easy, seeing a few minutes into the future is Average, a few hours is Hard, a days is Formidable, a few weeks is Heroic, and so on.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: A Moment In Time, Reader, Trustworthy Gut

Mechanics: Ansel’s Stage 3 allows him to determine the outcome of any environmental action (not involving a living / sentient creature) and to determine what result a particular action will have if an environment is acted upon. In practice, Ansel can interact with his environment on an almost superhuman level by starting a small event which can result in a series of events that trigger something much larger.

Activation Roll: Intelligence + Alertness + Scientific Expertise / Physics

Reduced Difficulty Actions: Ansel can activate his power as a single action targeting a specific outcome he wishes to effect in the world around him. He then reduces the difficulty of the desired action by the result of his roll provided he takes the action within the next turn. The reduced difficulty should reflect the base action Ansel takes to effect the change. For example, if defeating a door lock digital security system is a Formidable difficulty and Ansel reduces it to Easy, the next action he takes could be something as simple as dropping a small metal ball which manages to find its way into a door jam after a soldier steps through to keep the door open.

Photon Manipulation
Origin: Conner Wright
Description: Conner’s ability comes from surrounding ambient photons within his line of sight. The diverged photons can be redirected to “bounce” without the need to strike a surface allowing him to create visual holograms with surprising accuracy. Conner can also control ambient light in a surrounding area making it as bright or as dim as he desires. Conner can also photons to create laser-like blasts from ambient surrounding light.

Mechanics: Roll Willpower + Agility. The difficulty determines the roll to recognize illusions, the size of area effected, and a few other benefits.

Size: A are Conner can manipulate light depends on his activation roll: the size of a person is Easy, the size of a room is Average, a mid bulk transport is Hard, a Gunship Formidable, and a Cruiser Heroic.

Illusion: Alertness + Perception / Sight contests Conner’s activation roll to see through illusions.

Focused Beam: Conner can fire blasts of focused photons as an attack action using Agility + Ranged Weapons / Photon Blasts. The beams deal 1 step of damage per difficulty of the activation roll (d2 is Easy, d4 is Average, d6 is Hard, etc).

Adjust Ambient Light: Conner can change the brightness which requires all present to make a roll to contest his ability. The roll is either a physical resistance to avoid being blinded or a Perception + Alertness / Sight to see in the dark. At a Hard difficulty, Conner can create pitch black rooms or even create light so bright it could effectively blind a target.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: A Moment In Time, Math Whiz

Stage 3 Mechanics: Conner can manipulate light with such efficiency that the he can do pretty much anything he wants with photons, his only restriction is how many he wants to manipulate.

Activation Roll: Willpower + Agility + Perception / Light (Sometimes Contested by Defense)

Amount: The difficulty is determined roughly by how much light Conner wants to manipulate. A lightbulb is Easy, an entire room is Average, an entire ship is Hard, a skyscraper is Formidable, an entire city is Heroic, and an average sized country is Ridiculous.

Potency: When applicable, the potency in Conner’s ability is determined by his activation roll. To simulate light that is represented as an environmental effect, his activation roll must exceed the difficulty a character would face interacting with that source. When weaponized, his activation roll is contested by another character’s relevant Defense with each point of excess increasing the damage die by one step (for example, meeting a Defense roll is 0 damage while exceeding a Defense roll by 5 gives him a d10 damage).

Gravity Field Manipulation
Origin: Henley Wright
Description: Henley has the ability to manipulate gravitational fields with astounding precision. His proficiency ranges anywhere from creating large, dense fields that alter a wide area or multiple, smaller precise fields localized to individual locations. Henley can also maintain the fields for an extended period of time.

Mechanics: Roll Willpower + Strength. This roll determines the strength and area of the field created. It is a Average difficulty to create a Zero G environment.

Size: A field the size of a person is Easy, the size of a room is Average, a mid bulk transport is Hard, a Gunship Formidable, and a Cruiser Heroic.

Hindrance Field: Anyone caught in the gravity field suffers a -1 step Attribute penalty to Agility and Strength per tier of the activation roll (Easy is -1, Average -2, Hard -3, etc).
Reverse Gravity: Scoring a Hard difficulty or higher allows Hanley to reverse gravity and anything caught in the field moves at a “falling” rate normal for the planet. For every tier above Hard, Hanley can effectively double the acceleration and speed of the object.

Density Field: Henley is also capable of creating a localized gravity anomaly causing an item to effectively increase in weight. Every tier above Average allows him to effectively double or half the weight of an item.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: A Moment In Time, Math Whiz

Stage 3 Mechanics: Henley can manipulate gravity with such efficiency that the he can do pretty much anything he wants with gravitation fields, his only restriction is how large a field he wants to manipulate.

Activation Roll: Willpower + Agility + Perception / Gravity (Sometimes Contested by Defense)

Amount: The difficulty is determined roughly by how big of a gravity field Henley wants to manipulate. A handheld object is Easy, an entire room is Average, an entire ship is Hard, a skyscraper is Formidable, an entire city is Heroic, and an average sized country is Ridiculous.

Potency: When applicable, the potency in Henley’s ability is determined by his activation roll. He typically either determines the difficulty for another character to act in a gravity field normally but he can also use a gravity field to deal damage. When dealing damage, he must roll an activation roll high enough to affect the target. The target then gets a contested roll (typically Defense for creatures, or Resistance rolls for ships) and Henley increases the damage done to the structure by one step per point of excess over the target’s Defense. For example, attempting to crush a man and beating his defense by 1 deals 1d2 damage, while beating his Defense by 6 deals 1d12 damage.

Magnetic Field Manipulation
Origin: Blaine Meredian
Description: Blaine can alter the magnetic variance in the air and create stabilized force fields with nothing but ambient particles. These fields are not visible in a spectrum seen by the human eye but can be detected using any device designed to measure magnetic interference. The field density is so compact that even the smallest molecules, including things like ambient radiation, cannot penetrate the barrier.

Mechanics: The roll results for Blaine’s ability determine both the size and strength of the field he can create. Field precision is largely a matter of his own preference and he can easily form complex shapes with the fields. Creating a field is an Intelligence + Alertness roll.

Field Size: The result determines the size of the field: roughly the size of a person is Easy, the size of a room is Average, the size of a small house is Hard, the size of a mid-bulk transport is Formidable, a Gunboat is Heroic, and a Carrieris Incredible.

Field Strength: The result also determines the field strength. Each tier effectively grants the Field a 1W armor against any and all effects that act against it. Note that even a 1W shield is enough to do things like block harmful radiation and seal a compartment to be air tight, although Blaine can create permeable fields if he wishes.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Highly Educated, Lightnin’ Reflexes

Mechanics Blaine’s Stage 3 Mutation allows him to create shields completely impermeable to a single type of damage.

Activation Roll: Alertness + Intelligence + Discipline / Concentration

Field Size: The size of a field is determined by the activation roll. A single two-dimensional field that covers a space roughly the size of a person is Easy. A three dimensional shield that can cover a single person is Average. A shield big enough to cover a half dozen people or a small room is Hard.. A field that covers a small transport is Formidable. A field that can cover a cruiser is Heroic. A field that covers a massive station requires a Ridiculous activation roll.

Damage Types: Every additional type of damage a field protects from levies a -4 penalty on the activation roll.

Heightened Senses
Origin: Lucan
Description: Lucan’s mutation is incredibly heightened senses, allowing him to alter both his body and the synpatic recognition system of his brain to seamlessly and easily process an abundant wealth of sensory information at any given time. Lucan’s abilities range from reproducing relatively simple technological devices (like binoculars) to incredibly advanced systems (like using echolocation sonar via commlink to mentally picture an allies surrounding terrain).

Mechanics: Lucan has developed two distinct ways to manifest his mutation through self discipline and extensive training.

Enhance Senses: Roll Alertness + Vitality, every tier grants a step 1 bonus on all Perception rolls based on senses (Easy +1, Average +2, Hard +3, etc)

Augment Sense: Roll Alertness + Intelligence with a difficulty determined by the ST. Simple things like seeing in the dark or picking up communication signals are Easy while more advanced tasks (like the above mentioned echolocation) are Hard.
Applicable Activation Roll Assets: A Moment In Time, Sharp Sense

Stage 3 Mechanics: Lucan’s senses evolve to the point where he can absorb a massive amount information through his senses at any given time. Lucan’s modifications to his senses last for the duration of a scene or until he reverts them back to normal (done reflexively).

Activation Roll: Alertness + Intelligence + Perception / Relevant Sense

Time Passed: Lucan can determine things that have happened in a location previously given enough sensory evidence feasibly exists to compete. His activation roll is modified by the amount of time that has passed: anything currently happening or that has happened in the last hour is a +0 difficulty, within the past day is a +4 difficulty, within the past week is a +8 difficulty, and within the past month is a +12 difficulty.
Potency: Lucan’s ability is either contested (if actively resisted) or a static difficulty is determined by the complexity of what he’s trying to do. Examples include: Switching filed of vision (night vision, thermal, etc) is Easy, hearing radio waves is Average, using telescopic vision is Hard, seeing microscopic detail is Formidable, and outlandish abilities like through ship hull is Heroic.. Lucan’s activation roll also determines the range of his ability: within the same room is easy, on the same transport is Average, in the same building is Hard, in the same city is Formidable, in the same state is Heroic.

Heightened Speed
Origin: Oren Westbrook
Description: Oren’s muscle tissue and nerve reaction times have been augmented to an incredible degree giving him both superhuman speed and reflexes. While his five senses aren’t capable of keeping up with what his body is capable of, his body’s innate senses (like reflexes and instincts) are able to react on a subconscious level which induce speeds that even he isn’t aware he can control. What Oren relies on things like muscle memory, his superhuman speed takes over accomplishing the task with incredible efficiency.

Mechanics: Oren has developed a handful of ways to utilize his ability.

Physical Aptitude: Roll (Agility + Vitality) to gain a step bonus to physical attributes for all physical actions in a turn that speed would benefit: +1 (Easy), +2 (Average), +3 (Hard), etc. Activating this ability requires an action and benefits Oren for an entire scene, or about an hour.

Super Speed: Oren increases his speed by an exponential factor for every turn he concentrates on maintaining this ability. For a single action, roll (Agility + Vitality) to grant a speed bonus to your base movement for the turn: x2 (Easy), x4 (Average), x7 (Hard), x11 (Formidable), x16 (Heroic), etc.

Enhanced Reflexes: On any reaction (including Initiative) that Oren’s super reflexes might benefit from, he can reflexively roll his Agility + Alertness to gain a step bonus on the action: +1 (Easy), +2 (Average), +3 (Hard), etc.

Extra Actions: Oren can spend an action on his turn to attempt to take a number of combat actions reflexively. Oren rolls his Agility + Alertness and gains a single action for each difficulty tier he hits: +1 Action (Easy), +2 Actions (Average), +3 Actions (Hard), +4 Actions (Formidable), etc.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Athlete, Fast on your Feet

Stage 3 Mechanics: Oren’s super speed at this level is superhuman and allows him to move at truly incredible speeds, seeming to travel almost instantly from one location to another.

Activation Roll: Agility + Vitality + Relevant Skill (such as Unarmed/Brawling for punching or Athletics/Running for sprinting).

Distance: Oren’s most frequently used ability is to traverse distances quickly. Moving anywhere in the same room instantly is Easy, moving anywhere on the same ship is Average, moving anywhere within a city block or cruiser instantly is Hard, moving anywhere in the same City is Formidable, and moving anywhere in the same state is Heroic.

Enhanced Reflexes
Origin: Shin Mai
Description: Shin’s mutation is that he has enhanced reflexes which allow him to react and respond to to his environment with almost superhuman acuity.

Mechanics: When operating under enhanced reflexes, multiple actions in a single round do not accumulate a step penalty. Normal restrictions on the number of actions per turn still apply.

Limitless Potential
Origin: Adam
Description: Adam has spent most of his time in an Alliance think tank and his infection has resulted in his body developing near limitless potential which Adam has focused primarily on intellectual endeavors.

Mechanics: Adam does not have a cap on how high he can raise his Attributes or Skills.

Cognitive Analysis
Origin: David McKinley
Description: The good doctor’s infection resulted in his ability to analyze a problem with staggering detail then apply a solution accordingly.

Mechanics: David rolls an Intelligence + Alertness and subtracts the result from the difficulty of a task. This ability does not work on extended actions and the action must be attempted in the turn following the use of this ability. Finally, this ability can only be used on unopposed actions.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Highly Educated, Math Whiz

Enhanced Tissue Regeneration
Origin: Jacob Patton
Description: Jacob’s initial side effect mutated its current state which is his tissues ability to repair itself at an alarmingly rapid rate.

Mechanics: Jacob recovers Stun damage at a rate of one point per round and Wound at a rate of one per hour. Jacob can roll a Vitality + Willpower roll as an action to actively augment his healing. For every difficulty tier, Jacob can heal 1 Wound point of damage (e.g. 1W is Easy, 2W is Average, 3W at Hard, and so on) and for the rest of the encounter he heals the difficulty tier in Stun per turn. This healing never stacks with itself, but Jacob can take an action to attempt a better healing rate.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Healthy as a Horse, Tough as Nails

Skeletal Manipulation
Origin: Natalie Frost
Description: Natalie also experienced a secondary mutation and her skeleton was mutated into a fiber-like structure which she can flex and control not unlike muscle tissue.

Mechanics: Natalie can cause bone spurs to extrude from her body or expand her skeleton to form a subdermal armor. The potency of either is determined by a Willpower + Vitality roll with the strength of the augmentation determined by the difficulty. (It’s Easy to make a 1W Armor or d2 Spurs, Average to make 2W Armor or d4 spurs, Hard to make 3W Armor or d6 spurs, etc).

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Healthy as a Horse, Heavy Tolerance

Adrenal Burst
Origin: Zues
Description: Zues was genetically altered to become infected, probably made possible by the similarities in genetics apes share with men. Zues under periods of extreme duress can augmet his physical capabilities to superhuman heights at the expense of doing damage to his body.

Mechanics: Zues can grant himself a step bonus to any physical ability by flooding his body with an adrenal compound. He makes a Vitality + Willpower roll to determine the step bonus granted for one turn to the physical ability of his choice (a one step bonus is Easy, a two step bonus is Average, a three step bonus is Hard, etc). Zues suffers 1 stun damage ever time he augments this ability.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: A Moment in Time, Athlete

Empathic Projection
Origin: Eve
Description: While the workings of her alteration are unclear, whether through pheromones or some untapped part of her brain, Eve can detect and transmit basic emotions to others.

Mechanics: Mostly used as a story element, imparting emotions on others is a Willpower + Alertness roll. It can be resisted with Willpower + Discipline and the relevant skill specialty depending on the circumstance. Likewise, if someone is guarding their feelings even while not aware this ability is directed on them, they’re entitled to a reflexive contested roll using the traits outlined above.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Intimidatin’ Manner, Leadership, Sweet and Cheerful

Acute Combative Precognition
Origin: Assassin
Description: Through an advanced development of a specific part of the brain, the character can use a combination of intuitive body language and deductive reasoning to predict the opponent’s next attack.

Mechanics: When used in combat, the character rolls her Intelligence score and subtracts the result from an incoming attack roll. This applies against all forms of attacks and all attacks the character is aware of in her turn.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Sharp Sense (Any), Trustworthy Gut

Genetic Structure Resequencing
Origin: Helene Wright
Description: One of the most advanced mutations, Helene can alter her genetic structure through force of will alone to change her appearance. Her level of concentration determines her ability to manipulate her own genetic code and her infection responds directly to signals sent from the brain to manipulate her appearance on a cellular level.

Mechanics: Roll Alertness + Willpower to attempt to alter her appearance and to determine the difficulty to spot faults in the alteration. Changes range from eye and hair color (Easy) to slight weight changes (Average) to completely altering her appearance to look like someone else (Hard or more). Transformations typically take one turn per difficulty tier and the host can always choose to resume their natural form (Easy) at any time.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Allure, In Plain Sight

Kinetic Force Tolerance (KFT)
Origin: Gorgeous George
Description: George’s body has adapted to absorb kinetic force. If George is subject to an attack from a kinetic source, such as weapons, natural attacks, falling objects, etc. his body can absorb and harmlessly distribute the impact. Only other sources of damage, or extreme cases of large amounts of kinetic damage, can harm him.Once more, the mutation provides George with a supremely high tolerance to damage from Kinetic sources as his body has adapted to distribute the force harmlessly throughout his body.

Mechanics: George only takes Stun damage from all Kinetic forces. Examples of types of damage that could hurt him include rapid temperature changes, radiation, a vacuum, and asphyxiation. Further, when George is subject to damage from a Kinetic force, he rolls his Vitality + Willpower. If the result equals the damage taken, he instead takes none.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Healthy as a Horse, Heavy Tolerance

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Advanced Mutations
The more advanced and incredible side effects of Red Eye, Advanced Mutations truly border the supernatural with the side effects of exposure. These mutations are sometimes referred to as “Stage 2” mutations marking a significant mutation in “Red Eye” which sets the more advanced virus apart from its less evolved counterpart.

Sustained Universal Physical Augmentation (SUPA)
Origin: Stone
Description: One of the first mutations designed by Sorra after absorbing Cammy’s Stage 3 mutation, Stone’s power augments his physical prowess. When his mutation activates his muscle mass and tissue density increasing drastically giving him incredible resilience and superhuman strength. Further, his mutation continues to adapt when he fails to overcome an obstacle which allows him to push his mutation beyond his own limits if the situation arises.

Mechanics: Stone’s mutation is activated as a single attack action and the secondary effect of his mutation is triggered when he fails on a Strength-based roll or receives damage.

Activation Roll: Strength + Vitality

Initial Activation: For every difficulty tier, Stone receives a +1 step bonus to his Strength and Vitality (Easy is +1, Average is +2, Hard is +3, and so on). Further, Stone receives an armor rating equal to half of his Vitality which protects him from all damage, including environmental (such as radiation). All Wound damage is converted to Stun while this ability is active.

Adaptation: When Stone meets the two criteria above, at the beginning of his turn he rolls his Vitality. For every tier difficulty he gains an addition +1 step bonus to his Strength and Vitality (which adjust his Wound Points and Armor rating accordingly). When this ability is triggered, Stone automatically receives a Second Wind..

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Athlete, Tough as Nails

Technological Empathy and Kinetic Nanopathic Operation (TEKNO)
Origin: Caroline
Description: Caroline has the ability to mentally influence machines and other technological devices. While she cannot manipulate raw substances (such as turning stone into metal), she can perform any operation that does not alter the compounds she’s working with.

Mechanics: Caroline can assemble devices, create new pieces of technology from raw components, and construct technological pieces just by focusing on them with her mind. This ability also provides a kind of intuitive understanding which means as long as she can hit the difficulty for the device, she can assemble it even if she doesn’t completely understand how the device works. Caroline can user her mutation on any machine within her line of sight and effect, roughly in the same room as her.

Activation Roll: Alertness + Intelligence

Build Device: As long as Caroline can hit the difficulty normally required to create a device with her power roll, she accomplishes an amount of work per turn dependent upon her activation roll: Easy is 1 minute per turn, Average is 1 hour per turn, Hard is 1 day per turn, Heroic is 1 week per turn, and Ridiculous is 1 month per turn.

Mechanical Empathy: Caroline’s mutation allows her to understand any machine she comes across and gain a basic understanding of how the machine works assuming she has a little time to study it.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Comptech, Math Whiz

Red Manipulation (RM)
Origin: Jocelyn Kitterman
Description: Jocelyn is the daughter of Charlie and has inherited his unique M-Red mutation. Like most of the female descendants of the original M-Red strains, Jocelyn’s mutation is much more potent than her brothers. Jocelyn has the ability to directly manipulate Red in anyone within close proximity. She also has a supernatural sense of Red and can sense when Red is being manipulated around her.

Mechanics: Jocelyn’s mutation manifests itself in a few different ways which give her unique control over Red itself.

Activation Roll: Intelligence + Willpower

Sense Red: Jocelyn can sense individuals who are Red and the use of Red in the proximity around her. Detecting Red in the same room is Easy, within a transport ship is Average, within a Cruiser or Skyscraper is Hard, within the same city is Formidable, within the same Country is Heroic, on the same planet is Incredible, within the same system is Ridiculous, and anywhere in the Verse is Impossible.

Infuse Red: Jocelyn’s can create various Stages of Red simply by channeling her own Red into a nearby host. Creating a Stage 1 requires an individual with no Attributes above d10 and an Easy activation roll. Creating a Stage 2 requires an individual with at least one Attribute at d12 and an Average activation roll. Creating a Stage 3 requires an individual with at least two Attributes at d12 and a Hard activation roll. Jocelyn cannot determine how the mutation effects the individual. The targeted individual rolls all of their Complication dice and subtracts the result from her activation roll. If she fails to meet the difficulty, the individual is still transformed but develops a side effect depending on how much she missed the difficulty. If her activation roll is reduced to 1, the person in question develops debilitating side effects (such as being completely emotionless and losing memories).

Dissolve Red: Jocelyn can attempt to stop external uses of Red by controlling the Red particles emitted by Stage 2s and 3s. She rarely has enough to stop an ability as its is used (which requires a readied action) but she uses this ability regularly to stop ongoing effects of Red in others. Her activation roll is contested by the activation roll of the source of the power she is attempting to dissolve. If she wins, she harmlessly dissipates the effect. She cannot use this ability to remove Red from individuals or stop entirely internal abilities.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Leadership

Antithetical Creation and Enhanced Synergy (ACES)
Origin: Juniper Sorra
Description: A Stage 3 variation of the M-Red gene and one of three only known Stage 3 M-Red carriers, Sorra’s ability allows her to create and harness the Red around her. Juniper’s ability allows her to create Red (Stage 1, 2 or 3 depending on the individual) and allow Red that she has created to work in concert. As a side effect of her mutation, all those assimilated by Sorra gain a rough sense of the location and general feeling of any others also assimilated by her that are relatively close by (within the same few blocks). Lastly those Red assimilated by Sorra are immune to manipulation via the M-Red traits of other Stage 3s that carry this mutation unless they are directly assimilated (whereupon they are no longer considered assimilated by Sorra).

Mechanics: Individuals without a d12 in a single Attribute are turned into Stage 1 Red. Those with at least one Attribute at a d12 can be turned into a Stage 2 or Stage 3 Red as desired. Resisting this ability is a Resistance roll opposed by Sora’s Willpower + Vitality + Leadership. Mutation occurs when a target is exposed to a single drop of Sorra’s blood and they must immediately resist with every exposure. Assimilation temporarily kills the host while their DNA is re-written and takes about an hour to over write the hosts genetic code.

Red Assimilation: By ingesting even a single drop of another Red’s blood, Sorra’s body assimilates and recalls any other non M-Red abilities which she can recall at any time. Sorra can use up to half the rating of her (Vitality or Willpower, whichever score is lower) in abilities simultaneously.

Powerful Reds: Inherited from her mother, Stage 3 Reds typically add a skill to the activation roll of their powers.

Combination: Perhaps the most powerful ability any Red has ever manifested, anyone assimilated by Sorra has the ability to work their powers in combination with one another by tapping the Red they naturally give off. Doing so requires line of sight and effect with a proximity of roughly in the same room. A Stage 2 Red can only bond to a single other Stage 2 (who must also be bonded with them) while a Stage 3 Red can bond with either a Stage 2 or 3 Red (who need not be bonding with them). Stage 3 can also use the power of the bonded Red, not just the Combination effect. Doing so is always Reflexive and when one Red attempts to use a combination power both Red activate powers using limited assistance rules.

Short-Term Instant Mimicry (STIM)
Origin: Adam
Description: Adam developed the ability to mimic any skill he witnesses which is stored in his short-term memory. Since Adam is unable to transfer this knowledge into his long term memory he can only store up to 7 skills at a time and the knowledge is lost after about an hour.

Mechanics: Roll Intelligence + Perception / Intuition reflexively when observing someone with the desired skill. Adam receives a step increase per tier (+1 Easy, +2 Average, +3 Hard, etc). Adam can only mimic a skill up to the lesser of the trait rolled or the maximum rating of the person he is witnesses, whichever is lower. Should Adam mimic a skill above Hard he can only mimic the specialty he witnesses. Mimicing a new specialty in a skill already mimic’d requires the same difficulty, so a d8 would be a Formidable difficulty even if the skill has already been mimic’d successfully within the last hour. The mimicry lasts for about an hour and Adam can mimic half his Intelligence rating in skills at any given time.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Highly Educated, Total Recall

Origin: David McKinley
Description: The good doctor developed the ability to send and receive thoughts telepathically. The doctor can transmit and receive thoughts from an intended target within line of sight. Through the use of thought projection David has developed multiple applications of this ability.

The most basic use of Telepathy is thought transfer. This allows the telepath to send mental images (telepathic video, if you will) or words in real time.

The telepath can attempt to directly harm another living creature using nothing but thought manipulation. The target experiences agonizing headaches and intense pain which manifests as real, physical injuries upon succumbing to the power of the telepathy.

Another option is for the telepath to attempt to directly control the target. Successful use of this ability is typically short lived but the telepath decides exactly what the target does within the next few seconds. The telepath can attempt direct control on any living creature.

Lastly, the telepath can directly enter the consciousness of the target and attempt to defeat it to gain access to the target’s mind completely. If successful, the telepath can sift through the memories of the target, place the target in a coma, or manipulate the target’s mind at a whim.

Mechanics: Each use of Telepathy typically requires a single turn of concentration.

Thought Transfer: Make an Intelligence + Influence / Persuasion roll at Easy difficulty to transfer thoughts in real time. Unwilling targets can resist with a Willpower + Discipline/Mental Resistance in an opposed, reflexive roll. If the doctor attempts to simultaneously facilitate thought transfer between more than himself and one other target, the difficulty increases by +4 per each additional target. Exceptional success allows thoughts to be transferred at four times the normal speed.

Brain Damage: Inflicting damage on a target through direct telepathic intervention is an opposed Intelligence + Medical Expertise / Neuroscience resisted reflexively by the target’s Willpower + Discipline/Mental Resistance. Should the attacker overcome the resisted roll, the target takes the difference in Stun damage. When the target is incapacitated the aggressor can choose to continue to damage the Target and damage in excess of the target’s Life Points is dealt as Shock damage.Each attempt at Brain Damage constitutes a single attack and can be attempted up to 3 times per turn. The telepath can only attempt Brain Damage on one target at a time.

Direct Control: Telepathy can be used to take direct control of the target’s next turn. Attempting to do so requires a single action and a Intelligence + Influence / Persuasion opposed by the target’s Willpower + Discipline/Mental Resistance. If the telepath is successful the target’s next turn is determined by the attacker. An exceptional resistance roll renders the target immune for an entire day. An exceptional success on the attack roll allows the telepathy to continue to control the target until he discontinues concentration. Harmful commands allow the target to attempt another resistance roll with a 2 step bonus while blatantly suicidal commands allow the target to attempt another resistance roll with a 4 step bonus. The telepath can only attempt Direct Control on one target at a time.

Mental Infiltration: The telepath can attempt to control the target’s consciousness directly. Doing so requires direct physical contact and a successful Intelligence + Perception / Intuition resisted reflexively by the target’s Willpower + Discipline / Mental Resistance to enter the target’s mind. Once done, the two roll for initiative as normal and make opposed rolls each turn. Success deals a number of stun damage equal to the difference to the defender. The first person to take Stun damage equal to their LP has their consciousness breached. The aggressor can attempt to leave the “mentalscape” with a successful and opposed Intelligence + Willpower. The contest of wills takes place in real time (each person taking one offensive and defensive roll per turn) but both combatants are unaware of their surroundings.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Reader, Sawbones

Rapid Atomic Restructuring Enhancement (RARE)
Origin: Helene Wright
Description: Helene has the ability to restructure objects on the subatomic level just by touch. She has to make physical contact (skin-to-skin) with the object she wants to arrange and the extent at which she can manipulate an object depends on how radical the change is.

Mechanics: The two factors determining the difficulty of the Willpower + Scientific Expertise / Physical Sciences roll depend on the size and complexity of the change.

Size: Object fits into the palm of the hand (+0), Object can be carried with both hands (+4), Object is roughly the size of a person (+8), Object is the size of a skiff (+12), Object is the size of the ship (+16)

Complexity: No significant change to the molecular structure of the compound (changing writing on a piece of paper, heating up a cup of coffee or freezing a cup of water) (+0). Altering the molecular structure into a similar yet fundamentally different structure (changing a silver spoon into a platinum spoon[both still metal], changing carbon monoxide into oxygen) (+4). Altering the molecular structure into a different compound but retaining the same matter state (changing a bottle of liquid nitrogen into water, altering a vial of knock-out gas into air) (+8). Altering the molecular structure of an object into a completely new compound within one matter “step” (turning orange juice into copper, turning air into blood) (+12). Inventing a brand new element that has never before existed, changing matter into something completely different more than one “step” away from its true form (+16).

Additional Modifiers: Altering an object and turning multiple portions of the object into different materials has a difficulty of the highest difficulty of any individual component +4.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Highly Educated, Nature Lover

Metamorphic Empathic Transformation Adaptation (META)
Origin: Natalie Frost
Description: Natalie’s infection has mutated her body to kick her DNA into a hyper-sensitive temporary rapidly evolving state.

Mechanics: Natalie can manipulate her own body on the molecular level to spontaneously create adaptations and alter her own genetic structure. The adaptation can include anything that could theoretically be created from living, genetic material and serve as an appropriate counter to a single source of harm. The difficulty for the check determines how effective her adaptation becomes. She can only change her structure once per turn; doing so in response to an external stimuli is reflexive while doing so consciously takes her entire action. Typically these adaptations augment a statistic directly associated with the external stimuli. Defensive adaptations should be specific to the cause of damage (oxygen deprivation, gun fire, burns from open flames, etc) but are mechanically similar:

Trigger: A successful attack from a single source, examples include bullets, suffocation, radiation exposure, or even vacuum exposure
Roll: Vitality + Survival / Relevant Specialty – 1W Easy, 2W Average, 3W Hard, etc.
Stackable: Yes

Trigger: One failed attempt involving the Attribute
Roll: Willpower &343; Perception / Intuition – 1 Step Easy, 2 Steps Average, 3 Steps Hard, etc
Stackable: Yes

Trigger: Taking damage
Roll: Vitality + Survival / Relevant Specialty – 1S per 30 min Easy, 1S per 10 min Average, 1S per 1 min Hard, 1S per turn Formidable
Roll: Vitality + Survival / Relevant Specialty – 1W per hour Easy, 1W per 30 min Average, 1W per 10 min Hard, 1W per min Formidable, 1W per turn Heroic
Stackable: Yes (cumulative attempts further “step up” damage regenerated)

Trigger: Attempting to harm something resistant to damage of some kind
Roll: Alertness + Perception / Search – 1W Easy, 2W Average, 3W Hard, etc.
Stackable: Yes

Natalie cannot trigger cumulative activations of a specific evolution on her own. Should she come to harm from the source the evolution was intended to prevent, she can attempt another roll and the results are cumulative. Her adaptations naturally wear off after about an hour from her last exposure to the stimuli that triggered the adaptation, or sooner if she chooses to dismiss them.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Nature Lover, Steady Calm

Kinetic Energy Manipulation (KEM)
Origin: Shin Mai
Description: Shin has the ability to manipulate latent kinetic energy in the world around them. He can transform the energy into different states as well.

Mechanics: Generating potential energy in any form is an attack action, which means Shin can attempt other actions on the same turn if he desires. Kinetic energy can take different forms with different effects. Shin makes an Alertness + Discipline/Concentration roll to build up the energy, creating a d2 potential energy is Easy, d4 is Average, d6 is Hard, and so forth. Potential energy is stored until discharged (either by attack or willingly dispersed). If he chooses to attack with energy directly the range he can manipulate energy unhindered is 30 feet. Each additional range increment inflicts penalties as normal. If potential energy is built up, the die of potential energy is dealt as weapon damage, typically dealing Wound damage. Otherwise the target takes damage only from the excess of the attack role though all damage inflicted is basic. Melee attack rolls are made with Strength, ranged with Agility, and most defensive applications are made with Vitality. Vitality is also used for generating continual effects over consecutive rounds with a cumulative difficulty increase. Each type of energy has different effects. Each energy type still deals the built up damage die rating if the target chooses to block an attack without appropriate protection.

Kinetic: Target is thrown back a number of feet equal to the resulting roll of the potential energy damage die.

Thermal: Wound damage dealt with Fire counts as burn damage for determining how long it takes to heal from. Extraordinary successes on an attack roll set the target on fire.

Electricity: Electric current traveling through the body has the same effect as a stunner, dealing a -1 step attribute penalty and the target must make a successful Resistance roll at Hard difficulty or fall unconscious for 1 minute in addition to dealing Stun damage.

Sound: Vitality + Agility roll to not become deafened. Deafness lasts for a number of turns equal to the difference between the rolls. Exceptional success can render target permanently deaf. When used functionally, the check used to create sound is typically the difficulty of any observers to know something is amiss.

Electromagnetic: Vitality + Agility roll to not become blinded. Blindness lasts for a number of turns equal to the difference between the rolls. Exceptional success can render target permanently deaf. When used functionally, the check used to create sound is typically the difficulty of any observers to know something is amiss.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Steady Calm, Lightnin’ Reflexes

Tissue Enhancing Accelerated Regeneration (TEAR)
Origin: Jacob Patton
Description: Jacob can transfer some of his own antibodies into a living creature to augment their healing abilities. Doing so causes the hosts body to temporarily flood with his own antibodies which rapidly repair the hosts tissue before dispersing naturally back into their blood stream. The healing is temporary and typically lasting for about an hour (scene) but successive stints of healing can be facilitated with continual contact and transfer of Jacob’s antibodies.

Mechanics: Jacob can jump start the natural healing capabilities of living creatures with skin-to-skin contact that mimic his own healing ability with a Vitality + Willpower + Discipline / Concentration. The roll to activate this power determines the potency of healing he is able to provide another sentient creature. The outcome of the roll determines the rate of Stun and Wound healing the person receives, and the difficulty tier achieved also offers additional cumulative benefits. Allowing the body to fight a fatal disease or toxin is a Hard difficulty. Allowing a person to regenerate an appendage or other “impossible” feats which the body could theoretically be capable of is Formidable. Bringing a target back from the dead within two minutes is Formidable while bringing a target back to life after two hours is Heroic assuming most of their body is still intact.

Jacob can also turn this ability on himself to super charge his healing ability with a Vitality + Discipline / Concentration. Doubling his own healing rate is Easy, tripling it is Hard, and so on.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Healthy as a Horse, Sawbones

Kinetic Energy Absorption (KEA)
Origin: Gorgeous George
Description: Further building on George’s exceptional tolerance to kinetic force, his body has adapted to absorb incoming kinetic damage and use it to fuel a surge of power. He can focus this energy to excite his STIGMA and enhance his body making himself stronger, faster and tougher. His augmented body gradually wears off as time passes unless he further absorbs more kinetic energy and uses it to maintain his augmented abilities.

Mechanics: When George successfully negates an attack using his Kinetic Force Tolerance, he can choose a single physical attribute (Strength, Agility or Vitality) to increase by one step. There is no limit to the number of attacks George can successfully negate in a single turn and he never takes a step penalty to use this Reflexive ability or any other actions in the same round.

All Attributes lose one artificial step bonus per hour naturally.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Athlete, Heavy Tolerance

Internal Molecular Restructuring Adaptation (IMRA)
Origin: Nova
Description: By manipulating her own biological makeup, Nova has the ability to transform her living flesh into a different type of bio-organic material which grant her a multiple of abilities. She could feasibly alter her physiology to provide her any number of benefits although a makeup that grants multiple benefits invokes a step penalty on activation rolls for each additional benefit.

Mechanics: Roll Vitality + Willpower to determine the result. The difficulty or effectiveness is typically determined by the result. Common enhancements include:

Physical Enhancement: For every tier on her activation roll, she adds a 1 step bonus to her physical Attributes.

Physical Adaptation: For every tier on her activation roll she can survive in one type of hostile environment as a native.

Physical Augmentations: Each tier grants an augmentation (such as armor) with a potency equal to the total of her final roll (so Easy is 1W armor, Average is 2W armor, Hard is 3W armor, etc).

Other augmentations are possible and Nova’s only limit is her own creativity.

Applicable Activation Roll Assets: Sawbones, Tough as Nails

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Called STIGMA by David, the genetic alteration Acronym stands for Superimposed Technologically Integrated Genetically Mutated Alteration, the condition originated with Mazie and has since been spread to the crew.

While others are susceptible to infection, Mazie seems to be the only transfer the disease. What the crew has pieced together is that she must first have a DNA sample for her body to process, which is usually obtained by touch. After 24 hours her body produces something akin to a virus which she can then transmit by touch as well. The current working theory is that it is her blood which processes and produces the virus that transmits the infection which is why skin-to-skin contact (and not, say, saliva transfer).

Once the host is infected, the body is shut down into a comatose state which could easily be mistaken for death due to internal organ shut down while their genetic code is rewritten. The brain, miraculously, is the first organ targeted by the transformation and once altered is able to survive for far longer than conventional science deems possible until the body is completely transformed. So far, all infected individuals have manifested some physical side effect of the disease which has granted them an extraordinary ability.

Death typically lasts anywhere from 6 to 24 hours depending on the host which seems to be linked only to overall physical resilience. Aside from the complete genetic rewrite, all infected exhibit the same physical trait of discolored iris pigment to a deep red color. This is undoubtedly a side effect because of the genetic rewrite which seems to be the only steadfast commonality between the infected. Further, the hosts body is altered by the infection bringing them to almost peak health and physical condition based on their body type.

The infection itself is transferred by what can only be described as a viral infection originating from Mazie’s immune system, like a super advanced white blood cell that has mutated to assume the roll of a virus in administering and altering the DNA of those it infects. The cells begin cannibalizing the hosts body and multiplying which allows for a rapid transmission and infection of the hosts entire genetic sequence. Oddly enough, everyone on the crew has succumb to the virus with the exception of Lance. While he was positively infected with the virus, it became inert for some reason and did not infect him. A few of Mazie’s friends that she also made physical contact with are also not exhibiting these traits though exposure details are not absolutely positive in either case.

The infection works as a result of introducing a foreign compound into the DNA sequence, apart from the standard ATCG combination. This additional component creates new possibilities in creating base pairs which further compounds on the possible structure of DNA. While the subjects appear to be human, by strict interpretation of their DNA they are anything but. Further, this additional building block is strictly unique to the infected and not an element found in any other life form.

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