Mutation - Gyrokinesis

Mutation – Gyrokinesis

Nova-Tier Ability

(Strength + Willpower)

  • Manipulate Gravity
    • The character can manipulate gravity using the activation roll to determine the area and intensity
    • Each tier difficulty levies a -1 penalty to all Strength and Agility rolls to targets in the area
    • The difficulty tier determines the size of the field: a person-sized field is Easy, a mule-sized field is Average, a room-sized field is Hard, a shuttle-sized field is Formidable, a transport-sized field is Heroic, a gunship-sized field is Incredible, a cruiser-sized field is Ridiculous, and a station-sized field is Impossible
    • The character need only spend one action to maintain a Gravity field
    • Each tier of success allows the character to create another independent relative gravity field in the area
      • For example, a character that rolls an Incredible activation roll could make all four walls, the floor and ceiling have their own relative gravity pull

Supernova-Tier Ability

(Scientific Expertise / Physical Sciences)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add Scientific Expertise / Physical Sciences to the activation roll
  • Gravity Shift
    • The character can rapidly change gravity for a single target, causing them to “Red Out”
    • Roll vs activation successes, failure causes the character to fall unconscious for about a minute (or 10 minutes on an exceptional success
  • Field Absorption
    • The character can generate gravity fields to absorb various environmental effects
    • This is typically contested by other activation rolls / set difficulties

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(Athlete, Math Whiz, Steady Calm)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add the highest applicable Asset to the activation roll
  • Time Ripple
    • The character can manipulate time by creating dense ripples in gravity waves
    • Each tier of success allows the character to slow time for an entire area
    • Anyone in the area that acts on another target in the area automatically pulls them into the time bubble (allowing them to act normally)
    • The difficulty tier determines the success rate: An additional Turn is Easy, one Minute is Average, one Hour is Hard, one Day is Formidable, one week is Heroic, one Month is Incredible, one Year is Ridiculous, one Decade is Impossible
  • Black Hole Collapse
    • The character generates a small black hole that affects an area of the same size as noted in the “Manipulate Gravity” ability
    • All characters in the area are compressed, suffering a number of wounds per turn equal to the activation roll Tier achieved (1W / Turn is Easy, 2W / Turn is Average, etc)

Mutation - Gyrokinesis

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