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F R O M : T O : O N :   2450-5-22-19:41:56
Subject: The Next Big Thing!

Hello Darling,

I’m still holding what’s his face hostage. He feels fine, I feel fine. Even had a doc look us over and tell us we are fine. So what gives? What’s with all the secrecy? I can’t keep this kid here forever you know, he’s anxious to get home. Not to mention it cost me a small fortune to get him out here . . .

Anyway, I have a new gig up and going and I thought you might be interested in taking a look at it. I call it the All Points Bulletin, the Verse’s first and last stop for all unsavory folk like us to exchange information and look for potential jobs. There’s actually a bulletin up right now that I thought you might be interested in. Project is still in Beta but I’ve got just about all my connections up and using it. It’s secure, so don’t worry about the Alliance using it to track you down and everyone on it is invite only. You may want to use an alias all the same. If you want to sign someone up to use it just give a shout, but MAKE SURE they’re clean (or dirty, ha!) before you do.

Come visit me next time you need a little R&R, I’m sure you and I can find something to occupy ourselves . . .

Big Kiss,

Gorgeous George

F R O M : T O : O N :   2450-5-11-08:21:05
Subject: Missing Workers

Hey Mazie,

Long time no chat. Gorgeous George told me you finally got a ship and a crew, just wanted to say congrats. I was also hoping you could help, I’m in a little bit of a bind and I could really use someone I can trust.

About a week ago a bunch of my workers didn’t show up for their morning shift which I thought was really unusual. I called around to their homes and none of them answered, so I hired a local merc group to find them. Figured maybe they were all on strike or something, but it turns out at the worker dorms there was a struggle of some kind. The merc group said they tracked them to a cave network a few miles outside of town and went after them, but I haven’t heard from them since.

Needless to say I’m more than a little worried and I was hoping you could come to Beylix to help me out. I’ll pay you for the trouble of course and as always I’ll cut you a good deal on scrap if you’re looking to make some modifications to your ship.

I don’t really know who else to turn to, those mercs were pretty good at what they do and I’m running out of options. I hope to hear from you soon.

- Jane

F R O M : T O : O N :   2450-4-23-16:19:21
Subject: Job


Been a while. I have a job I need taken care of that someone with your particular “talents” would be well suited for.

I’m in the middle of a case and I’m missing a key piece of evidence. In particular, a witness that a high ranking Alliance official had locked up illegally to prevent her from testifying in court. I need her on the stand within a month. In addition, I think she might have some documents that I could use as evidence. Namely, physical copies some very “inappropriate” waves. I was able to figure out where she’s being held, coordinates are attached below. I need you to break into that prison compound, grab her and give the place a once over for those documents, then bring her to Londinium. Just say you’re working for me and that should be good enough to get you into port, obviously I’ll have my staff back your story.

Pay for this job is 3,000c for her safe retrieval with another 1,000c bonus if you’re able to retrieve any documentation from the facility that might incriminate one “General Nathan A. Charleston.” Pay is non-negotiable. Shoot me a wave if you can take the job, preferably soon in case I need to find someone else.

I really want to nail this guy because he’s giving some of my other clients a hard time, come through for me and I’ll also throw in a week on Bellerophon at my private estate for a little R&R.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Franklin Daynes
Daynes Law Firm LLC

This email is intended only for the recipient addressed to. Any sharing of this information with non-approved parties can result in legal recourse.

F R O M : T O : O N :   2450-3-8-20:11:10
Subject: Scoundrel Classic

Hey babe, haven’t seen or heard from you in a while. Finally get that big score you keep talking about? Hehe. Well anyway, come by Blue Heaven ASAP! The Scoundrel Classic is coming up soon and this time I’m giving away . . . get this . . . a new ship! Crazy right? Crazy how awesome I am. Oh we’re also throwing in a purse of 10,000c to get the winner up and going. This will be the biggest one yet! All kinds of new talent coming this year babe, better show those losers out there why you’re still my number one girl.

X O X O,

Gorgeous George

F R O M : T O : O N :   2450-2-12-21:13:21

What the hell Mazie. I sent you on that job, what a month ago? YOU BETTER NOT HAVE TAKEN THE GOODS AND RAN ON ME! I thought we had something good going here, what the fuck? Wave me as soon as you get this and let me know what the HELL is going on!

Don’t you rabbit on me!

- Hector

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