Crew Log

AP Costs

TraitCost / Step
Skill1 AP
Asset 2 AP
Attribute4 AP

Crew Log

Session 10: 6 AP / 54 AP Total
While on board the ship, Petra is approached by a mysterious White who presents himself as a watcher who polices the civilizations of the galaxy. He helps stabilize Gavin before answering a few questions for Petra. After he leaves, the crew intercepts a distress transmission on a private frequency. Petra and her crew encounter Ronica under attack from an army of Red extremists.

Session 9: 7 AP / 49 AP Total
Petra went to Zephyr and interrupted a test of a new Red strain. Along the way she encountered some resistance from Alliance Red. She managed to recruit the test subject, Emmalyn, and is nursing a mysterious Alliance Stage 3 back to health.

Session 8: 7 AP / 42 AP Total
Petra went to Beylix and discussed plans to become a partner in Sibby’s scrapyard, after which she went to Bellerophon and had a run in with the Nine Dragon Tong where she recruited Mai.

Session 7: 5 AP / 35 AP Total
Petra went back to her old job to retrieve some information for Marabel. While there, she had a run in with her old boss and old boyfriend. Red intercepted her and tried to detain her, but she managed to escape taking Locke and Logan with her.

Session 6: 4 AP / 34 AP Total
Peta went after the raiders bothering Midian and recruited Domino. Midian was attacked by a group of Red, Petra encountered another Sovereign Red who was controlling the Red aboard the 6 ships. Petra’s crew was able to fend off the attack and Petra acquired Haru.

Session 5: 5 AP / 30 AP Total
Petra and her crew arrived on Ezra and visited Midian after reports of a renegade Red wreaking havoc. Peta then acquired Ethan who was trying to cleanse the planet of a renegade prototype White Reaver. The town was in a shootout but Petra managed to calm everything town eventually.

Session 4: 6 AP / 25 AP Total
Petra and her crew ventured to the White Station and cleansed most of it of the White Reavers. While there they managed to free Gavin and encountered XA, a genetically engineered White creature.

Session 3: 6 AP / 19 AP Total
Petra approached Rudie, the lead logistics officer for the Alliance at Central Station on Londinium. While there, Rudie convinced Brendan to join her crew.

Session 2: 5 AP / 13 AP Total
Petra ventured to Beylix to get some supplies and repair her stolen Firefly class ship where she met Sibby. While there at a local saloon, she was approached by a team of Alliance Red which she managed to recruit them.

Session 1: 8 AP / 8 AP Total
Petra was taken to a small White facility and infected with Violet. After, a biological machine named Jin helped her escape. They landed in an Alliance breeding facility where Jin infected two of the soldiers in training who were immediately attacked by the Alliance and helped her escape. After her escape from the Alliance Facility, Petra was cornered by a hacker named Reilly who convinced her to infect him in exchange for his help.

Crew Log

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