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Incident at Starline Labs

Ms. Lee,

Quite the spectacular incident in the lobby, it’s taken construction crews a full 36 hours just to clear out the debris so we can begin repairs. Whatever you’re in to, it seems you’re in deep.

We have one employee that’s currently unaccounted for and given the history you two have, I thought I’d reach out to you before I contacted the Alliance. Please let me know if Mr. Yee is still alive (and if he’ll be returning to work any time soon). Some of the other night shift guards say a few tons of concrete fell on him and though he’s had some trouble in the past, I don’t wish any harm to come to him. Since we’ve yet to recover a body, my hope is that you somehow took him with you when you abruptly vanished.

I’ve reviewed the security footage and I admit that my first instinct was to close the book on this one. I know it’s not in your nature to be destructive which is why I can only speculate that your ability is far more volatile than the standard Red mutation. Still, you’re one of the best scientists I’ve had and you didn’t lie to me when I approached you to find out what was going on. I respect that, as I’ve come to respect you and your work.

As a result, I’d like to extend an offer to help. I can’t imagine you don’t need materials and connections which a company like Starline could provide and I’d be very interested in leveraging any of our R&D against the Alliance. They’ve held the monopoly on Red since news of it reached the public and quite frankly that worries me. Governments have always had the upper hand on citizens when it comes to cutting edge technology but to be so completely outclassed as we are? It keeps me up at night, to say the least.

It’s a big if, I know. You’re undoubtedly leery which is why I’m willing to let you set the ground rules for this project. Even though I know we aren’t that familiar with each other and you only have our professional relationship to base this decision off of, I’d like to trust each other and give the people back a piece of what the Alliance has denied them. Even if that piece is something as simple as peace of mind.

Wave me back if you’re even somewhat interested. We’ll talk on your terms and in private. Bring a small detail if you’d like. I’m willing to keep any arrangement we come to off the books for your protection (as well as my own). In the mean time, please be careful.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Mikael Page
CEO Starline Industries
WA: mikael.page/starline/org

Mr. Page,

First, let me reassure you that Logan is fine. It’s not safe for him to return to work so he’ll be staying with me. If you’d like a video wave from him confirming his safety please let me know and I’ll make sure he gets you one. I appreciate that you were concerned for him, and although he and I had a rough patch I certainly don’t want to see him hurt either.

Secondly, I’m very sorry about the building. That was most definitely NOT my intent. I really hope no one was hurt. The Alliance opened gun fire on me and needless to say I was shaken and just reacted without thinking. You’re right that my abilities can be a bit volatile, but I think the open gun fire and fearing for my life was likely the cause of that volatility in this situation. Even in the short time I’ve been exposed to Violet I’ve master solid control of my abilities…granted improvements can always be made, and I am working on that.

Finally, I greatly appreciate your offer of help. I’ve truly loved my career at Starline and am very sorry I had to leave. You’re correct in assuming it will be difficult for me to trust someone outside my crew at this point, but I’m willing to attempt a negotiation. You don’t have a reason to believe me, but I will tell you that what I’m trying to do is literally going to save the people in the Galaxy, Red and Human alike. There is a very serious threat that the Alliance has created and unless I neutralize that threat our entire way of being, our very existence, is in danger. I know that sounds a bit dramatic…and it should, because if it isn’t seen to Humans and Reds will be extinct. I could certainly use a friend to help.

My best,

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