Violet Strain


The Violet Strain is an unstable, experimental derivative of White. While the Mutation it causes is much more powerful than the Red mutation, it also draws more power from the Host making it unstable. Whereas Red will continue to function provided the host regularly eats, Violet requires that the host maintain a “charge” in order to use their abilities to the furthest extent.

Innate Abilities

  • Violets are immune to blindness and any other maledictions (such as radiation) from natural light exposure
  • Violets gain the number of charges they currently have as a step bonus to Alertness rolls related to sight
  • Violets require water and three hours of light exposure each day
    • Violets do not need to eat provided they have sufficient exposure
    • Violets typically prefer one hour of exposure 3 times per day, similar to human eating habits
  • Violets do not need to sleep as long as they receive 4 hours of light exposure a day
  • Violets can emit light at will
    • Glowing like torch light is free and innate
    • With 1 charge, the Violet can emit enough light to light up a large room
    • If the Violet has 2 charges, he can take an action to emit a light pulse equivalent to a flash bang grenade
    • Violets can still choose to sleep if they want
  • Violet healing rates depend on their level of light exposure:
    • With ambient or less exposure, Violets naturally heal 1 Stun per 10 minutes and 1 Wound per 6 hours
    • With direct light exposure, Violets heal 1 Stun per turn and 1 Wound per hour
    • With intense light exposure, Violets heal (Vitality / 2) Stun per turn and (Vitality / 2) Wound per hour
  • Violets have 1 Second Wind per day
    • Violets can recharge their second wind for the day with 10 minutes of direct light exposure
    • Violets can use a charge with their second wind to heal Wound damage (instead of Stun) and recover all Stun damage
  • Violets are incredibly resistant to photon-based forms of damage:
    • Violets add the number of charges they currently have as natural armor against laser weaponry
  • Violets receive a step bonus on Endurance and Resistance rolls made based on light exposure
    • Ambient exposure (the average room) is a +1 step bonus
    • Direct exposure (a wall of bulbs, a sunny day) is a +3 step bonus
    • Intense exposure (star viewing room, bulb-lined room) is a +6 step bonus

Light Charge

Violets need to absorb light for their abilities to function. While light feeds their base abilities, they can “store” light energy in “charges”. Each “charge” requires an hour of direct light exposure. Charges last indefinitely provided the Violet receives regular ambient light exposure, but a Violet will use up about a charge a week with no light exposure. While charges typically require natural light exposure, full spectrum bulbs will produce the same effect.

Each Violet can hold half their Vitality in charges. A Sovereign Violet can hold ([Vitality + Willpower] / 2) charges. Violets can access each Tier of their ability instantly at any time.

  • Innate Abilities
    • Can be used even if the Violet has no charges
    • Always active
  • Nova-Tier Abilities
    • Can be used even if the Violet has no charges
    • Use 0 charges (or 1 charge per week with no light)
    • Always available unless the character is suffering extreme light deficiency
  • Supernova-Tier Abilities
    • Must have at least 1 charge
    • Does not use a charge at the end of the scene of use if the character has 2+ charges
    • Uses a charge after a scene of use if the character only has 1 charge
  • Hypernova-Tier Abilities
    • Must have at least 2 charges
    • Uses up a charge at the end of the scene
    • Can be used in concert with Supernova-Tier abilities in a scene, only consumes one charge if that’s the case

Violet Mutations Absorbed

Sovereign Violet Mutation

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Violet Strain

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