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Blue Heaven

Owner: Gorgeous George
Affiliation: Private
System: Blue Sun
Nearest Celestial Body: Varies
Population: Varies, ~300
Renown: Recreation / Business
Dock Fee: Standard
Dry Dock: Limited
Supplies and Fuel: Limited

Background: Blue Heaven is known throughout the ‘Verse as a place of recreation and quiet meeting between “business partners” where just about anything goes. Gorgeous George doesn’t care what you do as long as you don’t disrupt the business of anyone else. While he does allow people to settle their problems with violence, as soon as his station is threatened or some of his other “guests” are put in harms way he’s quick to respond with a staffed security force of well trained mercenaries and hand-picked bad asses. Blue Heaven is a great place to visit to discuss business, on the up or otherwise, and get away from it all. Blue Heaven doesn’t offer open amnesty to fugitives from the Alliance, but Gorgeous George doesn’t go voluntarily offering up his guest list and is flatly unhelpful if any of the Alliance comes calling. Once more, Blue Heaven is one of the few stations that’s actually mobile and does a hefty amount of importing through regular trade agreements with other partners.

Orbital One

Owner: Unknown
Affiliation: Alien
System: Deep Space
Nearest Celestial Body: Taurus
Population: Varies, 1
Renown: None
Dock Fee: None
Dry Dock: Any
Supplies and Fuel: Indefinite

Background: Little if nothing is known about the mysterious station known as the orbital. This structure measures over 3 million kilometers in diameter making it the largest “man made” structure ever conceived. The circumference of which is over 10 million kilometers and a width of anywhere from 1-6 thousand kilometers. The rotating orbit of the ring creates artificial gravity and the towering walls around the edges, in combination with the rotation, holds in an atmosphere.



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