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Is He Really Gone?
Arturos Kitterman
Argentos (Mid Bulk Transport)

Hey Sorra,

Been a while. I heard a rumor that Charlie got the axe, is that true? Either way looks like you’re top dog at the Alliance now. Can’t say I ever saw that coming.

Listen you may have seen something on the APB about someone attacking the Iskellian Product Plant not too long ago. That was me and my crew. What most people don’t know is that Iskellian is responsible for producing quite a few of the Alliance warships that are in active service. I figured if we hit them we could interrupt the Alliance War Machine and maybe stop (or at least hinder) production so that the Alliance would have a harder time reaching the folks out in the Rim.

I . . . guess that things are going to change? The impression I got when we met from you is that you didn’t seem the type to continue the Charlie Agenda. Anyway I’d like to help, even though my crew and I are technically wanted felons. Pick the time and place, we’ll be there.

I’m glad, I guess, that someone finally put a stop to Charlie and what he was doing. But he was still my father. Can you tell me where he was laid to rest? I’d like to visit, say my goodbyes. Not sure if he had any other family. Now that it’s safe I’d like to meet them too if you know of any. Also I want to know how it happened. I assume you and your crew were involved (not sure who else could have) and I know you did what you had to do but . . . yeah, I just would like to know how it went down.

Arturos Kitterman
Captain of the Argentos



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