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Call to Arms?
Lance Ulrich

Warning, this wave was delivered 58 days after the date on the original message due to database corruption. The source of the error is unknown at this time.

Hey Sorra,

Just today I received a wave from Adam. He said that he had found Mazie and that he wanted me to come meet him on Blue Heaven? I have a really bad feeling about this. He didn’t say what happened or why he was asking us all together. He also hasn’t answered any of my waves back to him asking for details.

As far as I know he doesn’t know where I am but I can’t shake this feeling that something is wrong. I wanted to wave you just to be sure and I think I’ll hold off on the reunion until I have confirmation. Please wave me as soon as you can.

Oh and Sorra? Something is really wrong. I can feel it, I just can’t put my finger on what. Be careful.

Lance Ulrich
Information Unavailable



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