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State of the Alliance
Melinda Verdain
Alliance Parliament

Supreme Chancellor Sorra,

Thank you again for taking the time to meet with me, your willingness to acclimate to your new roll was a relief to hear and you have my word that I’ll do my best to facilitate your transition into this roll as painlessly as possible. I understand from reviewing accounts that you and your crew are a more “hands on” group and prefer to handle issues personally. To that end, I’ll send what intelligence I’m able to gather directly from you for triage and resolution.

Our first order of business is re-establishing the hierarchy that the death of Charlie left in tatters. While I know you’ll make every effort, you can’t possibly handle all all of the work required by the Alliance to maintain operations at present. To that end, below is a list of positions that need filled as quickly as possible.

Vice Chancellor (Cabinet)
Your second in charge, the person responsible for handling things in your absence and your overflow of work

Rear Admiral (Military)
Responsible for the military decisions of the Alliance and directional military actions

Secretary of Defense (Cabinet)
Responsible for the assessment of military intelligence and defense of the Core planets

Secretary of Infrastructure (Cabinet)
Responsible for the major economical decisions and management of all Alliance resources

Secretary of Justice (Cabinet)
Oversees the judicial branch of the Alliance

Secretary of Health (Cabinet)
Oversees legislation on human (and now Red) health regulations

Secretary of Communication (Cabinet)
Responsible for the vast communication network and communication regulations

We have limited resources to handle these positions so finding replacements as quickly as possible would be advisable. These positions were held by Red in the past and in order to ensure a smooth transition I think continuing that precedence would be wise.

Lastly we’re receiving reports of Red Reavers from the Outer Core planets, to say nothing of the Rim. At present we’re relying on an outdated communication system to intercept these communications which means the attacks are well under way by the time we’re able to respond. Thankfully your team has the ability to traverse the distance between in an instant, but if you want to involve the Alliance military proper (so your team doesn’t have 2-3 engagements per day) and to fortify these places we need some kind of early detection system.

More to come in the near future, please feel free to reach out to me if you need anything.

Melinda Verdain
Head of the Alliance Coalition
Alliance Parliament

All information contained herein is strictly classified, any attempt at unauthorized access to this or any other so classified communication will be subject to the full penalty of the law.



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