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Adam (Current)

Status: Crew – Chief Science Officer
Expertise: Technical and Mathematical Theory
Past Affiliations: Alliance
Initial Encounter: Blue Heaven

Cortex Biography: Adam is a Cortex Spectre so much of his background is a mystery. What is known is from personal accounts and interactions, information that he has volunteered. By his own account, Adam was created in a top secret experimental facility. He was rescued by another Red, Mazie, and spent several years of his childhood serving on her crew. After her disappearance Adam took up residence at Blue Heaven and ran the station in the absence of Gorgeous George. While most know him as a very capable asset and friend, few are aware of Adam’s true importance to Blue Heaven.

Crew Observations: While an extremely capable and motivated crewmen, Adam does his best work when he’s given focus and direction (Toes the Line) as he mostly likes to avoid responsibility. Further Adam believes that, despite the Government reorganization of the Verse, a peaceful existence between Red and Humans is possible (Idealist). Lastly Adam regularly reminisces on the past and clearly looks up to his former captain (Hero Worship) which no one can measure up to in his eyes.

Adam himself leverages his incredible mental capacity to master every facet of the physical sciences he can. An incredibly capable and talented technician in both mechanical (Mechanical Empathy) and electronic (Comptech) systems, Adam also possesses an incredible wealth of knowledge (Highly Educated) and studies theoretical physics (Math Whiz) in his free time.

Oren Westbrook

Status: Crew – First Officer
Expertise: Combat Training, Ship Gunner,
Past Affiliations: Alliance
Initial Encounter: Alliance Testing Facility

Cortex Biography: The last known record of Oren was on file from 20 years prior when Oren was still serving in the Alliance military. Having signed up with the reserves, Oren was continually pushed by Alliance Command to join the military as a Career after completing officer’s school, Oren instead opted to stay with the Reserves and began working on smaller known Alliance projects such as the Rim Outreach Program. His last military record indicates he volunteered to try out a special new medical procedure which was designed to help Rim colonists adapt more easily to terraformed planets in the Rim. Oren’s parents, younger brother and older sister are all listed as deceased within roughly a decade of one another shortly after Oren fell off grid.

Crew Observations: Oren is a quiet (Shy) and steadfast individual who mostly keeps to himself but otherwise seems to be adjusting to his new situation rather well. His service and training in the military are clearly evident in the way he acts (Toes the Line) but he can easily incorporate himself into most organized command structures.

Despite only joining the reserves, Oren has pretty incredible fighting prowess (Fightin’ Type) and has an alertness about him (Nose For Trouble) that even most seasoned veterans would covet. He is in peak physical condition (Healthy As a Horse) and shows advanced training in most forms of combat, particularly evident in close quarters combat (Mean Left Hook).

Blaine Meredian

Status: Crew – Mechanic
Expertise: Mechanical Engineer
Past Affiliations: Alliance
Initial Encounter: Beylix Gambit

Cortex Biography: 26 year old Blaine is a recently defunct Alliance engineer. His rise to Chief Engineer on board the Alliance Cruiser “Torreador” was a quick rise after he finished Officers school at the age of 17. Early on Blaine exhibited exceptional cognitive ability and easily blew through the Alliance’s mathematics and physicals sciences program. While working on an Alliance dock, Blaine helped pioneer the most recent engine design of the Crete-Class Carrier. His contributions weren’t groundbreaking in terms of output but Blaine was able to condense and simply the design of the Carrier which vastly reduced the construction time.

Pre-service Blaine was originally an orphan who grew up at “Saint Genovieve’s” on Osirus. With the rise of the Red and the new militaristic agenda spearheaded by Charlie Kitterman, Blaine enlisted in the ever-expanding ranks of the Alliance military forces out of desperation. Almost passed over by his recruiter, Blaine’s lack of education resulted in low test scores but a talent scout noticed his natural aptitude scores were phenomenal. Taking a chance and placing him on the fast track, Blaine is one of the fastest Academy graduates to ever whirlwind through the standard Alliance Officer’s training program having done the entire ten year program in 4 short years.

Crew Observations: The only reluctant member of the crew, Blaine seems to be suffering from mild psychological trauma after his DNA re-sequencing and spends much of his free time researching his new condition. Despite Blaine’s military training he abhors violence (Coward) and what time he doesn’t spend working on his latest project is spent obsessively organizing and cleaning his space (Neatfreak).

Despite his shortcomings, Blaine is a brilliant engineer (Math Whiz) and seems to have an uncanny knack for mechanical devices (Mechanical Empathy). Lastly Blaine’s natural aptitude is further complemented by his photographic memory (Total Recall) which allows him to quickly and completely absorb new concepts at an alarming rate.


Status: Crew – Advanced Recon
Expertise: Sniping, Communication Systems
Past Affiliations: Alliance Black Ops
Initial Encounter: Beylix Gambit

Cortex Biography: Next to nothing is known about Lucan, including his last name. He has no background, paper trail, history, military record, or even so much as a set of transfer orders. Lucan operated completely off the books. His training is second to none and Lucan represents the next wave in superhuman Operatives up until he turned on the Alliance.

Crew Observations: Lucan is one of the Stage 2 Reds that was created by the Stage 3 Helene. As such he has exhibited side effects from the less-than-perfect integration of the mutation into his own genetic structure. Lucan’s military training as a sniper makes him extremely disconnected from the world around him (Cold as the Black) in addition to conferring a mild form of paranoia manifested in mildly obsessive behavior (Superstitious). As word gets out that Lucan has left the Alliance’s employ, it’s well known that the Alliance pays special attention to those that leave their ranks (Deadly Enemy) and more than a few of his former comrades in arms will be gunning for him.

Despite his flaws, Lucan is about as close as a Red can come to the ideal soldier. His military service has rendered his personal record obsolete (Cortex Spectre) which makes him a ghost in the public eye. Further he has advanced combat training (Fightin’ Type) and is exceptional at blending in, even in ordinary surroundings (In Plain Sight). Lucan’s sniper training has also enhanced his reaction time (Lightnin’ Reflexes) and his ability to operate with a level head regardless of his surroundings (Steady Calm). His continual deployment and heightened senses make him very hard to sneak up on (Light Sleeper) and he has also shown an aptitude for technical systems (Comptech).

Henley Wright

Status: Crew – Copilot Engineer
Expertise: Mechanical Systems, Piloting, CQC
Past Affiliations: Brown Coats
Initial Encounter: Ariel

Cortex Biography: A former Brown Coat in the Alliance with his twin, Henley is one of the few soldiers that managed to come out of the Unification War more or less unscathed. This was in thanks no small part to his Aunt, a powerful Stage 3 Red who also mutated him. Henley has a rap sheet that could fill a small data disc but his misdemeanor crimes have kept him off of the Alliance’s Most Wanted list since most of the other errant Reds are far more active and dangerous than he is.

Crew Observations: Henley is a come-what-may soldier whose whims come and go with the wind (Absent Minded) which often lead to him being distracted. One of the things that easily draws his attention away from the task at hand is attractive members of the opposite sex (Amorous) and his outgoing personality attracts a lot of attention (Memorable). Lastly Henley and his twin brother Conner are extremely close (Family Ties) which means Henley won’t hesitate to abandon allies if it means saving his brother.

Regardless, Henley is an incredibly skilled soldier and has had considerable practice in perfecting his abilities. A gifted soldier (Fightin’ Type) and talented engineer (Math Whiz), Henley is in top physical condition (Athlete) and his playful demeanor can lighten even the bleakest situations (Sweet and Cheerful). When he can’t play his way out of his problems his soldier training assures he has no issue solving those problems with his fists (Mean Left Hook). Lastly, even before he was mutated into a Red, Henley more often than not was able to get his way on looks alone (Allure).

Conner Wright

Status: Crew – Technical Engineer
Expertise: Electronics, Driving, Gunner
Past Affiliations: Brown Coats
Initial Encounter: Ariel

Cortex Biography: Conner fought in the war for independence alongside his brother and the two earned a reputation as talented soldiers and iconic poster boys for the Brown Coats. After the war Conner left the service with his brother and put his past behind him floating from place to place and letting his brother suck him into a clandestine lifestyle. With his level of training, Conner could more than likely prevent the encounters her and his brother have had with the law and yet his rap sheet, much like his brothers, is big enough to fill an entire data disc. Still, their small-scale operations have kept them off of the Alliance’s most wanted list even after his Aunt turned him Red for fear of the Alliance hurting him to get at her.

Crew Observations: Conner and his brother Henley are inseparable (Family Ties) and Conner often finds himself getting drug into his brothers schemes (Loyal) even though he’s loathed to do so. Conner’s rap sheet shows an obvious distaste for the Alliance (Prejudice) and he wasn’t able to let go what happened with the Alliance like his brother was. Lastly, Conner’s striking appearance and the fact that he’s a twin make it hard for him to pass through public unnoticed (Memorable).

Despite his flaws, Conner is an extremely valuable asset. Like his brother he’s in peak physical condition (Athlete) and is quickly able to pick up even the most advanced concepts (Math Whiz) which make him highly adaptable, to say nothing of his extensive combat training (Fightin’ Type). Perhaps because he’s always looking over his shoulder due to his brother’s shenanigans (Nose For Trouble) or maybe just an absurd amount of luck (Things Go Smooth), Conner almost always lands on his feet. Even before Conner was mutated into Red, he readily turned heads (Allure) which afford him quite a bit of attention in his own right.

Ansel Stockton

Status: Crew
Expertise: Security, Logistics
Past Affiliations: Alliance
Initial Encounter: Blue Heaven Scoundrel Classic

Cortex Biography: A former Alliance soldier that volunteered for the initially controversial Red program, Ansel was one of the few Alliance soldiers that had the rare genetic markers to be tagged with a Stage 2 mutation. After he tripped an Alliance sensor indicating that he carried an advanced mutation, Ansel sensed that Charlie was coming to find him and managed to make his escape. Using his mutation with surprising aptitude given the recent affliction, he was able to walk through Alliance security, board a private ship, and stow his way off of Londinium.

A few years have passed and Ansel has used his ability as a Red to become a successful mercenary. He specializes in security logistics since his mutation gives him a rare insight into how events will unfold in a given situation. Having heard the rumors of what Charlie was capable of and not wanting to find out himself, Ansel has (until recently) been operating out of Blue Heaven and has a great deal of respect for what Adam is trying to accomplish. Further, upon determining that Sorra can help the Stage 2s control the side effects of their mutations, he willingly and enthusiastically signed up with the crew for a shot at finally getting a handle on his abilities.

Crew Observations: Ansel is surprisingly nondescript and isn’t prone to extreme behavior unlike the rest of the crew, very few anomalies have been detected in his personality from the standard personality paradigm. What has been observed is that Ansel performs well under pressure (Steady Calm) and has a unique appearance (Allure).

Jina Radella

Status: Crew – Security
Expertise: Mercenary
Past Affiliations: Blue Sun, Red Dragons, PMC
Initial Encounter: Not Available

Cortex Biography: A talented mercenary in the private sector, Jina has a long and colorful career of service with private military companies. After an extremely brief enrollment in the Alliance to establish contacts, Jina immediately left and struck out on her own working for Blue Sun as a contractor. After she came to realize just how in bed they were with the Alliance, Jina struck off once again and did private work for anyone from wealthy family to even a few of the local Tongs. She recently caught wind that Blue Heaven was looking for more security staff and applied anxious to get back into some action and potentially have a shot at sticking it to the Alliance.

Crew Observations: Jina’s personality, more so than most on the crew, seems to manifest in extremes. Her diametric personality quirks make her prone to rash behavior for good or for better. To her credit, Jina is a skilled combatant (Fightin’ Type), is more than capable in hand-to-hand combat (Mean Left Hook), and seems to have an uncanny knack for sensing when situations will escalate (Nose For Trouble). Her other skills include ambidexterity (Two Fisted) and her ability to coerce information when bearing down on her targets (Intimidatin’ Manner). Lastly, given her crew fraternization, it’s apparent that she’s skilled in using her appearance to her advantage (Allure).

Despite this, she has some flaws. Jina believes there isn’t anything she can’t do (Overconfident) and refuses to sit out of any fight, even getting hostile with those that try to tell her otherwise (Chip on Shoulder). Jina is also prone to fraternization with the crew (Amorous). Lastly, Jina seems to have pretty extreme runs of bad luck from time to time (Things Don’t Go Smooth).


Status: Crew – Ops
Expertise: Combat
Past Affiliations: Unknown
Initial Encounter: Blue Heaven

Cortex Biography: Nova does not have any biographical information at this time. Three years prior she contracted Adam to remove all of her information from the Cortex. What little was recovered is her real name, Laurie Cadence, and that she has military training with the Alliance. While she seems to have some connections to Persephone and her only known contact is Taylor Cadence.

Crew Observation: While little is known about Nova, she seems to have a history that she’s worried about (Dark Secret) and at least one person that she’s trying to take care of (Family Ties). Otherwise Nova is in pinnacle physical condition even before her exposure to Red and she has advanced training in most aspects of combat: hand to hand (Mean Left Hook), advanced combat tactics (Fightin’ Type), overall physical prowess (Athlete), extreme physical stress training (Tough as Nails), and even extreme psychological conditioning (Steady Calm). Lastly Nova is virtually a ghost (Cortex Specter) when it comes to the Cortex making it easy for her to move unseen through society.

Kana (Dynamite)

Status: Crew – Porter
Expertise: Jack of all Trades
Past Affiliations: Unknown
Initial Encounter: Londinium Red Facility

Cortex Biography: Not much is known about Kana other than she was an experimental Red that was created at the facility on Londinium by Jocelyn, presumably at the request of Charlie. While the crew was trying to infiltrate the facility they encountered Kana on their way out. Later on it was learned that she broke in to steal Blue, an experimental substance designed to block Blue.

Crew Observation: Kana has training in a wide facet of areas, even more surprisingly she has a natural aptitude therein. After a brief stint on the ship she’s been observed with innate technical skills (Comptech), mechanical engineering aptitude (Mechanical Empathy), and advanced mathematical conceptual knowledge (Math Whiz). She is a quick study due to her photographic memory (Total Recall). Further, Kana seems overly alert at all times (Light Sleeper) indicating she’s probably come from a troubled background.

For all her skills, Kana has the lowest compatibility of all the current Crew. She continually butts heads with the crew (Chip on Shoulder) and is constantly struggling against the chain of command (Rebellious). Further, she lacks the mannerisms common in most Alliance-bred civilians and usually says what’s on her mind without regard to the feelings of others (Crude). Lastly, the unique tattoos over her body make her easy to spot (Marked) to even a casual observer.

Adam (Legacy)

Status: Crew
Expertise: Technical and Mathematical Theory
Past Affiliations: Alliance
Initial Encounter: Alliance Weapons Station

Cortex Biography: Facial image searching and name association algorithms have returned little to nothing about the boy named Adam indicating that he’s either had his personal information removed by the Alliance or, more likely, has no history in the Alliance to speak of.

Crew Observations: Not much is known about the boy except that he was a captive aboard a top secret Alliance research and development station developing weapons using his genius level IQ. Adam wrote the artificial intelligence system ALICIA initially out of the need for companionship not realizing he invented one of the most advanced virtual interactive systems in the ’Verse.

Before spending time traveling with Mazie, Adam had a host of mental problems as a result of his confinement. Due in no small part to the efforts of the captain and her crew, Adam was able to overcome both his inability to focus on a single project for an extended period of time and his fear of combat. Adam also appears to have developed a strong attachment to the captain of the ship he currently lives aboard (Loyal).

Despite his relatively informal education, Adam’s intellect surpasses the “genius” standard and he has an almost uncanny knack for electronics (CompTech) and mathematical algorithms (Math Whiz) that rivals some of the top engineers in the ’Verse. Adam is also extremely knowledgeable in other areas as he spends most of his free time reading on the Cortex (Highly Educated).

Personal Notes: No personal notes have been recorded at this time.

Shin Mai

Status: Crew (Temporary)
Expertise: Pilot, Small Arms, Infiltration
Past Affiliations: Seven Dragons Tong
Initial Encounter: Blue Heaven during the Scoundrel Classic

Cortex Biography: It’s well known that Shin is a freelance mercenary that has ties with various criminal Tongs throughout the ‘Verse. While in the past they’ve put him on the payroll as a “consultant,” Shin has recently left their employ with little to no information surrounding the circumstances of his departure.

Crew Observations: Shin made it to the final two of the scoundrel classic. He has demonstrated skill in hand to hand combat, small arms pistols, an uncanny piloting ability, and some technical expertise. It appears that the whole point of Shin entering the contest was so that he could assassinate a prominent member of a Tong that sent quite a few people to “bring him in.” For his part, Shin is mostly quiet but in peak physical condition.

Shin has defected from the Tongs (Deadly Enemy) which has earned their ire, though he has slain one of the groups targeting him (his brother). Despite this, Shin is calm and collected (Steady Calm), a natural athlete (Athlete) and a talented martial artist (Mean Left Hook, Healthy as a Horse). Shin’s piloting ability (Born Behind the Wheel) is some of the best in the galaxy and the few places his skills can’t get him, his looks often do (Allure).

Personal Notes: No personal notes have been recorded at this time.

David McKinley

Status: Unknown
Expertise: Medical
Past Affiliations: Alliance
Initial Encounter: Bernadette

Cortex Biography: Having taken the alternate identity of James Caspian, David opened a small practice on Bernadette as a general practitioner and pediatrician. Before that, David was an Alliance soldier who signed up out of med school. He was quickly recruited because of his skill and become more involved with some of the advanced research for the Alliance. David was fortunately smart enough to get out before he became too ingrained to be let go.

Crew Observations: David very obviously feels guilty for what happened in that space station and the way David was treated. As a result he also feels a great swell of obligation to Mazie but not at Adam’s expense. Satisfied that Mazie was taking good care of Adam, he agreed to join the crew and used what remains of his wealth to purchase the materials to construct a mobile lab for his continued research into discovering what the Alliance did.

The guise of James Caspian (Alternate Identity) and his undeniable charm (Allure) have allowed David to carry on a somewhat normal life. Even though he spent a significant amount of time, effort and money establishing himself once more, he left it all behind to help the test subjects of the Alliance (Duty) because he feels partially responsible for what happened to them. Though he’s on the crew and is a talented surgeon (Sawbones) and has extensive training (Highly Educated), David takes the oath he gave when becoming a doctor (Credo) very seriously. Despite his disposition against violence, David is steadfast and will not back down when his principles are on the line even in the face of violence (Steady Calm).

Personal Notes: No personal notes have been recorded at this time.

Natalie Frost

Ship Status: Unknown
Expertise: Engineering
Past Affiliations: Freelance
Initial Encounter: Alliance Prison Facility

Cortex Biography: Natalie Frost has a gypsy history of signing up with various different crews primarily as a ships mechanic. She grew up on a small moon of Angel in the Kaladisa system that was recently teraformed, though the name of the moon and the small colony that was established there has since been erased from Alliance records.

Natalie’s only relatives, her mother and father, are both listed as deceased through what is only listed as an accident on the aforementioned moon colony.

Crew Observations: Natalie is deeply troubled by the traumatic events of her past. Upon further investigation, it was found that she was the lone survivor of a Reaver attack on her home planet which the Alliance attempted to cover up. Having witnessed the entire event through the safety glass of a room her parents left her in just prior to the attack, she has suffered severe psychological trauma but has managed to have a functional life since the event.

Her appearance and demeanor make her hard to forget (Memorable). As a result of the Reaver attacks from her childhood, Natalie was cold and suffered from extreme PTSD upon meeting Mazie. Due to the influence of her and her crew, however, Natalie has made a complete recovery from her mental disorders.

Despite this, Natalie is nothing short of a genius with aptitude scores off the chart. She has an uncanny knack for mechanical engineering (Mechanical Empathy) and a photographic memory (Total Recall) which compounds the effectiveness of her already genius level IQ. Natalie also has a rigorous exercise schedule which, coupled with her self made diet, makes her a lethal force on top of her already extensive hand to hand experience (Mean Left Hook).

Personal Notes: No personal notes have been recorded at this time.

Jacob Patton

Ship Status: Unknown
Expertise: Heavy Weapons
Past Affiliations: Alliance
Initial Encounter: Alliance Prison Facility

Cortex Biography: Former Alliance Soldier Jacob Patton has an extensive history with the Alliance military. While has is one of the most decorated members of his infantry unit, he also has the most demerits of any soldier currently listed in the Alliance database. He was finally dishonorably discharged for punching out a superior officer over a “professional disagreement” though additional details are classified.

Crew Observations: To say Jacob is a liability is a mild understatement of his otherwise unpredictable nature. His presence on the crew was initially temporary when he was picked up near death on a job by the crew. Found in a coma-like state, the doctor was eventually able to nurse him back to consciousness.

When found the ship’s doctor diagnosed him as having a severe reaction to the knock-out medication (Allergy Propofol) which should have killed him were he not in such excellent physical condition. Despite this he was able to be treated and recovered from what was an accidental medically induced coma. Jacob is irritable and can even be hostile when provoked (Chip on Shoulder). Serving on Mazie’s crew and not being the most powerful person among the crew has been a tough lesson in temperance for Jacob but has gone a long way to prevent his show boating.

Even still, the benefits often outweigh the detriments of having him on board the crew. He has olympic athletic capability (Athlete) due to his extensive training and disregard for his own personal limits. Further, as evident by surviving over exposure to a substance he is deathly allergic to, he is exceptionally resilient (Tough as Nails). Though quite possibly incapable of any form of empathy, Jacob can interact with others by bullying (Intimidatin’ Manner) them into getting his way which he backs up with extensive physical skill. In combat, Jacob is equally capable of both dealing punishment (Mean Left Hook) as he is taking it (Healthy as a Horse).

Personal Notes: No personal notes have been recorded at this time.

Lance Ulrich

Ship Status: Unknown
Expertise: Mechanics, Heavy Weapons
Past Affiliations: Independents
Initial Encounter: Big Trouble in Little Whitefall

Cortex Biography: Lance is from the border world Whitefall and joined the Brown Coats in the Unification War where he had a distinguished career as a gifted technical saboteur which was instrumental in crippling the significant technical advantage the Alliance had over the Independents. He was dishonorably discharged after he was convicted by the Independents for the murder of his units which he claims to not remember, even though the evidence is arrayed overwhelmingly against him. Before a more harsh punishment could be enacted, however, the Independents were defeated at Serenity Valley and the Alliance allowed him to return to his home.

Crew Observations: Lance seems very friendly and a welcome addition to the crew. He’s taken some of the burden off Natalie to provide engineering support (as intended by the captain) but brings a host of other talents from operating heavy weapons to being an above average chef.

A gifted mechanic (Mechanical Empathy) and extremely talented engineer (CompTech), Lance received most of his training while fighting for the Independents during the Unification War which complimented his background at working in a garage on his home planet of Whitefall. As evident by his display during the Reaver attack, Lance also has above average reflexes (Lightnin’ Reflexes) which put his speed on par with even the augmented members of the crew.

Lance is very upfront and honest with just about everyone he meets (Straight Shooter), even to his detriment. His service record indicates a solid line of work up until he was convinced for the murder of his unit which he claims to have no memory of (Amnesia) in addition to other spotty exclusions of what happened during the war. Since coming on board the crew, Lance has realized that not everyone served in the Alliance did so by choice and people should be held in contempt for their decisions, not because of bad circumstances they were forced into.

Personal Notes: No personal notes have been recorded at this time.

Helene Wright

Ship Status: Unknown
Expertise: Pilot, Courtesan
Past Affiliations: Alliance, Companions
Initial Encounter: How to Save a Life

Cortex Biography: Helene was born on Ariel and has lived in the Alliance all of her life. Upon reaching the appropriate age, she applied to the Companion Guild and was accepted and taken in for the standard training regiment. After completing, Helene mostly served wealthy clients in the core world and was well known and loved by all of her business partners.

Recently Helene has dropped all of her previously responsibilities, removed her active duty listing with the Guild, withdrew all of her wealth and struck off despite the urgings of those around her. It was later found out after her records were inadvertently released from the Guild that she had a rare and fatal genetic disease which caused the abrupt lifestyle change.

Crew Observations: Unlike most of the other crew Helene seems to be very well adjusted. She takes the privacy of her clients very seriously (Credo) and refuses to speak of them. Her exotic attractiveness makes her hard to forget (Memorable) and, despite not speaking a word about her clients, she seems to enjoy knowing all about the crew (Nosy).

Helene is more than a fair pilot (Born in the Black) when it comes to both air and ground vehicles. In addition to her current standing in the Guild (Registered Companion), Helene is known and trusted as both a companion and a confidant (Good Name). Ship security logs indicate that Helene is ambidextrous (Two-Fisted) and, more apparently, extremely attractive (Allure).

Personal Notes: No personal notes at this time.



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