Mutation - Technopathy

Mutation – Technoapthy

Nova-Tier Ability

(Intelligence + Alertness)

  • Manipulate Device
    • Can be used to disassemble, operate, or assemble a device (all parts must be preset)
    • Handheld device is Easy, Basketball-sized device is Average, Backpack-sized device is Hard, Mule-sized device is Formidable, Shuttle-sized device is Heroic, Small Transport-sized device is Incredible, Gunship-sized device is Ridiculous, a Station/Cruiser-sized device is Impossible
    • Each difficulty tier determines the amount of time required: Easy is 1 Turn, Average is 30 seconds, Hard is 1 minute, Formidable is 30 minutes, Heroic is 1 hour, Incredible is 6 hours, Ridiculous is 1 day, Impossible is 2 days

Supernova-Tier Ability

(Mechanical or Technical Engineering)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add either the Mechanical or Technical Engineering skill to the activation roll
  • Manipulate Material
    • Pieces of similar objects can be used to construct other objects, such as ship scrap used to build a new engine.
    • Pieces too dissimilar can levy increases in the difficulty: similar but unrelated parts, for instance, might increase the difficulty by +4.
  • Augment Device
    • The device can be expanded to grant an augmentation of some kind, such as putting a scope on a gun or refilling the bullets in a pistol
    • Augmentations use existing material of the device, but each augmentation after the first increases the difficulty by +4.
    • The difficulty is based entirely on the size of the device..
    • Subject to GMs discretion, adding raw material back onto he device might negate the accumulating penalty.

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(Comptech, Math Whiz, Mechanical Empathy)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add an Asset rating to all Activation Rolls
    • Asset can be Comptech, Math Whiz, Mechanical Empathy
  • Transmutation
    • Any state of matter can be manipulated to turn into any other same-state device, regardless of complexity, provided the base compound is roughly the same mass as the existing compound.

Mutation - Technopathy

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