Mutation - Pyrokinesis

Mutation – Pyrokinesis

Nova-Tier Ability

(Agility + Vitality)

  • Control Heat
    • The character can excite the molecules in the surrounding area to increase the temperature in the surrounding area, the tier of which determines how much the temperature is raised
    • Each tier of difficulty raises the temperature by 10 degrees Celsius
    • The character can concentrate to continue raising the temperature over multiple turns
    • If the character stops concentrating, the temperature slowly diffuses back to normal
    • The character can heat a larger area:
      a small room is Easy, a small shuttle is Average, a small transport ship is Hard, a gunship is Formidable, an alliance cruiser is Heroic, a state is Incredible, an entire country is Ridiculous, and an entire continent is Impossible
      • Each size area the character chooses to heat lowers the amount they can raise the temperature each turn by 10 degrees.
  • Create Flame
    • The character can spontaneously create fire in any environment with oxygen, after the character stops concentrating the fires continue to burn on their own as appropriate for a natural phenomenon, the activation roll determines the size and strength of the blaze:
    • For each difficulty tier, the fire does 1W damage each Turn
    • The difficulty tier determines the size of the fire: a small fire that fits in the palm of a hand is Easy, an area the size of a basketball is Average, a bonfire is Hard, an area the size of a mule is Formidable, an area the size of a shuttle is Heroic, an area the size of a small transport is Incredible, the are the size of a full gunship is Ridiculous, and a blaze the size of an alliance cruiser or small city is Impossible
  • Heat Resistance
    • The character can reflexively resist any heat-based attack, if their activation roll equals or exceeds the base damage of the effect they harmlessly absorb it

Supernova-Tier Ability

(Survival / Heat)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add Survival / Heat to activation rolls
  • Flesh to Fire
    • The character can surround herself in flames
    • The fire has the following benefits, determined by the activation of the power: the character gains the tier in armor (the flame wall melts bullets, etc), anyone that strikes the character unarmed without appropriate protection takes the activation success tiers in Wound damage, the character can hurl balls of flame or strike with any part of their body dealing wound damage equal to the activation successes of the power

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(A Moment in Time, Intimidatin’ Manner, Heavy Tolerance)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add an Asset rating to all activation rolls
  • Inferno
    • The character uses the values listed under “Control Heat” to determine the size of the Inferno
  • FIre Immunity
    • Whenever the character reflexively activates their power to avoid heat damage, treat their Asset die as a multiplier (instead of an adder) for determining how much damage they can harmlessly absorb
    • Reference the size chart in “Control Heat” as well to determine what size area a character can protect

Mutation - Pyrokinesis

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