Mutation - Hydrokinesis

Mutation – Cryokinesis

Nova-Tier Ability

(Agility + Vitality)

  • Control Water
    • The character can manipualte the water molecules in the target area
    • The character can move water at their base speed, doubling that amount for each Tier over Easy of their activation success
    • The character can concentrate to continue altering water each turn
    • If the character stops concentrating, the water slowly evaporates and diffuses back to normal
    • The character can manipulate water in an area dependent upon their activation roll:
      a small room is Easy, a small shuttle is Average, a small transport ship is Hard, a gunship is Formidable, an alliance cruiser is Heroic, a state is Incredible, an entire country is Ridiculous, and an entire continent is Impossible
    • If used as an attack (such as manipulating someone’s blood or drowning them), resistance is contested
  • Create Water
    • The character can spontaneously create water in any environment with water vapor, after the character stops concentrating the water will flow and evaporate on its own as appropriate for a natural phenomenon, the activation roll determines the size and shape of the structure:
    • For each difficulty tier, the water does 1W damage each Turn
    • The difficulty tier determines the size of the water structure: a small object that fits in the palm of a hand is Easy, an area the size of a basketball is Average, a person-sized statue is Hard, an area the size of a mule is Formidable, an area the size of a shuttle is Heroic, an area the size of a small transport is Incredible, the are the size of a full gunship is Ridiculous, and a blaze the size of an alliance cruiser or small city is Impossible
    • The character can also use this ability to manipulate any substance composed primary of water, the less water in the target the higher the penalty to manipulate it
  • Water Resistance
    • The character can reflexively resist any water-based attack, if their activation roll equals or exceeds the base damage of the effect they harmlessly absorb it
    • The character is also immune to death as a byproduct of water exposure, such as drowning or crushing pressure

Supernova-Tier Ability

(Discipline / Concentration)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add Discipline / Concentration to activation rolls
  • Liquid Flesh
    • The character can surround himself in water
    • The water has the following benefits, determined by the activation of the power: the character gains the tier in armor (the water wall harmlessly absorbs bullets, etc), the character can hurl blasts of water dealing stun damage equal to the activation successes of the power, the character doubles their speed in water for each Tier of their activation success, the character is immune to any breathable toxins while surrounded in the shell of water

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(A Moment in Time, Heavy Tolerance, Steady Calm)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add an Asset rating to all activation rolls
  • Tidal Wave
    • Any object that suffers complete damage (meaning the activation roll is enough to encompass the entire object) from a water-based attack suffers the damage dealt in ship-scale damage
  • Water Immunity
    • Whenever the character reflexively activates their power to avoid water damage, treat their Asset die as a multiplier (instead of an adder) for determining how much damage they can harmlessly ignore or absorb
    • Reference the size chart in “Control Water” as well to determine what size area a character can protect

Mutation - Hydrokinesis

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