Mutation - Ferrokinesis

Mutation – Ferrokinesis

Nova-Tier Ability

(Vitality + Willpower)

  • Manipulate Metal
    • Can be used to physically manipulate any metal
    • Handheld device is Easy, Basketball-sized device is Average, Backpack-sized device is Hard, Mule-sized device is Formidable, Shuttle-sized device is Heroic, Small Transport-sized device is Incredible, Gunship-sized device is Ridiculous, a Station/Cruiser-sized device is Impossible
    • The amount of manipulation done to an item is also determined by the difficulty achieved: make a minor alteration to or moving the object (calculate the base speed from the power roll) is Easy, disassembling metal components is Average, completely changing the structure of an item is Hard, completely changing the structure of an item into a complex item is Formidable, changing the base properties of a metal (stronger, tougher, lighter, etc) is Heroic
    • Concentration on continued manipulation requires a single action, multiple actions can be used in the same turn to make multiple changes to a single item

Supernova-Tier Ability

(Scientific Expertise / Mathematical Sciences)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add Scientific Expertise / Mathematical Sciences
  • Electromagnetic Field Manipulation
    • By manipulating electromagnetic fields, the Ferrokinetic can generate different effects:
    • Electromagnetic Pulse
      • Disables any electronic devices. subtract shielding from the activation role. The distance of the pulse is the result of the activation roll in yards.
    • Force Field
      • Creates a semi-solid field of the character’s choice, use the table above to determine the size of the field. Each difficulty tier achieved provides 1 point of armor rating (Easy is 1 Armor, Average is 2 Armor, etc).
    • Magnetic Field
      • Manipulate multiple objects at once using the relative size chart above to determine over what area those objects can occupty
      • Change the magnetism of metallic objects (rolls to resist, such as pulling metal shoes off of metal grating, are opposed and use the activation roll as the difficulty)

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(A Moment in Time, Highly Educated, Math Whiz)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add an Asset rating to all activation rolls, eligible assets include: A Moment in Time, Highly Educated, Math Whiz
    • Augmented Fields
      • Fields provide armor in ship scale (1 to 10), magnetic forces are also treated in ship scale
    • Raw Manipulation
      • The character can dissolve or reform metal on the molecular level from any type to another (use the size charts above to determine the scope)
    • Shatter Electromagnetic Bonds
      • Use the size chart above to determine how large of an area the blast expands using the character as a point of origin (character and gear remain unharmed, can ignore 1 friendly per Tier of the activation roll)
      • Deals damage equal to the activation roll which can only be contested by White/Red/Vioet powers, applies to everything in the area

Mutation - Ferrokinesis

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