Mutation - Enhanced Senses

Mutation – Enhanced Senses

Nova-Tier Ability

(Alertness + Intelligence)

  • Augmented Senses
    • Used reflexively with Perception check, add activation successes to mundane Perception rolls

Supernova-Tier Ability


  • Power Augmentation
    • Add the Perception Skill (plus relevant specialty) to all Activation Rolls
  • Augmented Sense
    • The character take an action to reconfigure senses
    • Can mimic a sensor-grade quality device
    • Can be used for abstract things that could be sensed by machines, such as thoughts (difficulty determined by the GM)

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(A Moment In Time, Sharp Sense, Steady Calm)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add an Asset rating to all Activation Rolls
  • Pulse of the Verse
    • Can choose to look or listen for anything, the area covered is determined by the activation roll:
      • Anywhere in the same city is Easy, anywhere in the same State is Average, anywhere in the same country is Hard, anywhere in the same hemisphere is Formidalbe, anywhere on the same planet is Heroic, anywhere in the same system is Incredible, anywhere in the Verse is Ridiculous, anywhere in the Universe is Impossible

Mutation - Enhanced Senses

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