Mutation - Electrokinesis

Mutation – Electrokinesis

Nova-Tier Ability

(Vitality + Willpower)

  • Generate Electricity
    • Creates an electric charge that can be fired (range line of sight) or administered via touch
      • Touching is resolve as an unarmed melee attack (or weaponry melee attack if the weapon is a proper conductor)
      • Ranged attacks are resolved with Agility + Ranged Weapons
    • Deals 2S (non-lethal) or 1B (lethal) damage per Tier of the activation roll
    • Can “spool up” charges equal to (Vitality + Willpower)
    • Can also be used to power devices: each difficulty Tier is a scene of power and also determines the size of the device: handheld is Easy, backpack size is Average, a small hoverbike is Hard, a mule is Formidable, a shuttle is Heroic, a small transport is Incredible, a gunboat is Ridiculous, and a city grid or alliance cruiser is Impossible
    • When the character is exposed to electricity, they can reflexively roll their activation power to resist (with a difficulty equal to the damage) and every point of damage absorbed also counts as a single “charge”

Supernova-Tier Ability

(Scientific Expertise / Physical Science)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add the Scientific Expertise / Physical Science Skill (plus relevant specialty) to all Activation Rolls
  • Sense Electricity
    • The character can sense electrical impulses of all kinds and interpret them
      • Encrypted data is a contested roll as normal
  • Electrical Form
    • The character can transform themselves into pure electricity
    • This allows the character to travel along conductive materials at the normal rate electricity would travel
      • Unlike most currents, however, the character is only slowed by insulators (not dissipated)
  • Electric Field Manipulation
    • The character can manipulate any electrical field within line of sight
    • This ability is resisted as normal against the characters activation roll

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(Comptech, Highly Educated, Lightnin’ Reflexes)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add an Asset rating to all Activation Rolls
  • Power Surge
    • The character makes an activation roll to affect an area noted in the size difficulty listed above, if successful the character can manipulate any and all electricity within that area
    • Anyone that attempts to contest or avoid this ability resists with a difficulty equal to the activation roll
    • The character may also instantly transport themselves anywhere within the size difficulty they achieved
  • Pure Energy
    • The character transmutes themselves into pure electrical energy
    • The character is immune to physical attacks that would not affect an electrical current
    • The character can travel anywhere in an atmosphere using the humidity in the air: traveling at 100 mph is Easy, 500 mph is Average, 1,000mph is Hard, 5,000mph is Formidable, 10,000mph is Heroic, 50,000mph is Incredible, 100,000mph is Ridiculous, and 500,000mph is Impossible

Mutation - Electrokinesis

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