Mutation - Biokinesis

Mutation – Biokinesis

Nova-Tier Ability

(Vitality + Intelilgence)

  • Body Adjustment
    • This ability allows the character to make mundane adjustments to their body. Changes are rated as follows:
      • Easy: Hair color, eye color, fingernail length, other small mundane changes
      • Average: Skin color, facial structure
      • Hard: Appear as copy of some other humanoid (contested via observation rolls)
      • Formidable: Alter body functions (per Tier achieved): half time needed to sleep, half healing time, double time breath can be held, half required food/water intake
      • Heroic: Altering a part of the body to duplicate an ability found in the mammalian kingdom: different spectrum of vision, hear at higher frequencies, scent

Supernova-Tier Ability


  • Power Augmentation
    • Add Survival with any “relevant” specialty to the roll
  • Fantastical Augmentations
    • These are augmentations that are outside the scope of the average mammalian creature
    • Extra Movement: Gain an additional movement, multiplies base speed by difficulty tier achieved
    • Armor Plating: Gain your activation roll Tier in armor
    • Natural Weaponry: Deals 1W / activation Tier
    • Natural Toxin: Administered through any means, requires a Resistance roll equal to the activation success to resist
      • Can deal up to activation success Tier Wound all at once or 1W over as many turns, could also levy a penalty to physical attribute rolls equal to the activation roll tier achieved for a scene
    • Instant Healing: Heal 3 Stun and 1 Wound / Turn / Tier achieved (shock healed as Wound)
    • Regeneration: Regenerate 1 Stun / Turn / Tier and 1 Wound / 3 Tiers / Turn for the scene (shock healed as Wound)
    • Environmental Adaptation: Survive as a native in any environment
      • Easy: Survival in otherwise uncomfortable environment (no risk of infection, toxins from food, etc)
      • Average: Survive underwater, in extreme cold, or in low atmosphere
      • Hard: Survive in any environment produced by a habitable planet
      • Formidable: Survive in the vacuum of space
      • Heroic: Survive on any planetary environment, including toxic gas giants
      • Incredible: Survive in an artificially created, super toxic environment
      • Ridiculous: Survive on the surface of a star
      • Impossible: Survive an encounter with a black hole

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(Healthy as a Horse, Heavy Tolerance, Nature Lover)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add one of the following assets on your activation rolls: Healthy as a Horse, Heavy Tolerance, Nature Lover
  • Manipulate Biology
    • Apply any of the Supernova-Tier abilities to another living creature, duration depends on the activation roll: making a change that lasts an hour is easy, making a change that lasts a day is average, making a change that lasts a week is hard, making a change that lasts a month is heroic, making a change that lasts a year is incredible, making a change that lasts a decade is ridiculous, making a permanent change is impossible

Mutation - Biokinesis

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