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F R O M : T O : O N :   2450-8-06-02:03:47
Subject: Re2: In the Beginning


I understand your frustration, your pain, and I will take it all away. You want your freedom? I will collapse the government trying to take it away from you. You want your crew? I will build an army to make sure no one can keep them from you. You want the sky? I will bring you the galaxy and every star in the ’Verse will be yours.

- Charlie

F R O M : T O : O N :   2450-8-06-02:03:47
Subject Re1: In the Beginning

Not sure why I feel I need to respond—you say we found common ground…I suppose I agree the parliament is out of control. But the rest of that speech, how am I supposed to handle that?

You do not know me. You may know my file, but that’s it. A file, a report, a vid…is not who I am. You said I was “perfect”. Hardly. Just the gorram fact that you think I’m perfect tells me you know nothing about me. And tell me this…what happens if Red is just temporary, what if it reverses, what if we were just normal again—would you think I was perfect then? Perhaps they brainwashed these feelings into you? Think of that? How can I chance that? Chance my crew on that?

Also, you were wrong…I don’t give a flying fuck where or how Red began. What I cared about was WHY? And how to fucking stop it. I’m not convinced this is the “future”. You try watching the people you love die from this and tell me you think it’s anything but a fucking curse.

You want to give me everything… all I want is my freedom, my crew and the sky.

F R O M : T O : O N :   2450-8-02-13:46:21
Subject: In the Beginning

Hello Mazie,

I’m glad we were able to find common ground on Blue Heaven. For what it’s worth, I’m sorry your crew and colleagues are caught in the middle of all this.

Whether we like it or not, you and I are caught up in something bigger than ourselves. A new Verse is in the making and Red is the catalyst. We can do what Parliament could not and where the Alliance failed, we will succeed. The people will be frightened and confused but with the two of us leading them into a brand new era they will finally have their eyes open. It’s time to look past the petty differences that have separated mankind. Red has shown us that there is a design for the human race that is more than a petty squabble for territory and bloody disputes over politics.

I want you to know I meant everything I said on Blue Heaven. I want you standing by my side while we usher in a new era for man kind. To prove it, I’m going to give you everything. I want to start by showing you where and how Red began. I want you to follow the footsteps I’ve been walking these last few months because I know you’ll reach the same conclusion I have. But I also know that, had I not walked the path for myself, I never would have believed it.

The very first research station where Red was first experimented on is at the following coordinates: 456.213.88.148 sector 12. I’ve made sure you wont have any unexpected company before arriving.

You are the future.

- Charlie

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