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F R O M : T O : O N :   2450-6-22-09:21:38
Subject: Job


Have an interesting job that’s a little… bigger than what I’ve asked you to do in the past. I’m working a patent case with a private weapons manufacturer and have it on good authority that Blue Sun has stolen some designs which has irritated my client quite a bit. Unfortunately I can’t motivate the Alliance for a warrant and team to search the Blue Sun facility so I’m going to need to obtain information through some more unusual means.

I have a Blue Sun contact I wouldn’t mind introducing you too who should have some information on our little testing facility. I can arrange the meet, she can also get deals on Blue Sun tech if she likes you. In either case, if you can find out where the facility is I’d like for you to pay Blue Sun a visit.

The details of the job are to break into the facility, compromise the facility’s security and download all of the data you can on their production schemes, and then blow the facility sky high to cover our tracks. Feel free to keep anything you scrounge.

Pay for this one is a fifty thousand credits. I’ll front you some credits to get the contact talking and you can keep the difference if you can work her down in price. Let me know if you’re interested.

Franklin Daynes
Daynes Law Firm LLC

This email is intended only for the recipient addressed to. Any sharing of this information with non-approved parties can result in legal recourse.

F R O M : T O : O N :   2450-6-13-21:09:15

Subject: Your Request

Hey Mazie,

Got your note about needing a ship dock. I don’t have anything available (all my docks are at capacity) but I may know a way to help you. One of the other dealers on this planet is struggling with some loans he can’t pay off. I think he owes the wrong people (probably Tongs?) quite a bit of money and is in over his head. I’ve been watching him closely because I wanted to buy out his debt and seize his business to expand my own but I just don’t have the capital to do it right now.

If you can get together the liquid resources to buy him out you could take over his production factories wholesale which should cut your overhead costs. You’d be close to me and if things don’t pan out I might be able to scrounge up enough cash to buy you out if you need a plan B somewhere down the road.

His name is Royce Wolton and his company is Hammerirons Inc. You’ve probably seen his production facility and docks when you flew in. He has four full size dry docks and one factory production center and his business is licensed to deal with the Alliance for scrap and parts.

You may want to do some digging on him to see just how far all of this goes so you aren’t walking in blind. I hope this helps.

Best of luck!

- Jane

F R O M : T O : O N :   2450-6-13-16:37:51
Subject: Your Request

Good Morning Mazie,

I received your note about needing a corporate lawyer for a new business venture. If you have enough capital to start your own business you must be doing very well for yourself which I’m glad to hear. Normally we’d have to go through quite a few channels to make something like this happen but as a favor to an old friend I’d be willing to represent your new company. Rates and fees are attached below with a healthy discount since you’ve always done great work for me in the past.

Accounting Fees Yearly Estimated Cost: 104,000c Yearly
Legal Representation Yearly Estimated Cost: 156,000c Yearly
Legal Umbrella (All Services Rollup) Yearly Estimated Cost: 235,000c Yearly

Pricing will tier based on business growth and services rendered but those are our typical rates for start ups with a generous discount. The umbrella covers any and all legal services including the aforementioned plans which will be handled by my firm. This includes everything from business registration to tax preparation. I’ll also make sure to personally intervene and “obscure” the nature of the business and those involved so that the Alliance doesn’t come asking questions.

Let me know what services you’re interested in and I’ll get things moving.

Franklin Daynes
Daynes Law Firm LLC

This email is intended only for the recipient addressed to. Any sharing of this information with non-approved parties can result in legal recourse.

F R O M : T O : O N :   2450-6-11-04:21:39
Subject: Fwd > Your help with something . . .


I know this is probably an unusual request and I know we’re trying to step lightly around the Alliance but I received this email from this woman earlier today and I’d like to help her. I’ve already touched base with my old colleagues and confirmed that she spoke with them (more than one of them, in fact) so I don’t believe her intentions to be malicious.

Her message is attached below if you want to read it for yourself. If we could, is there any chance we could make a stop at Ariel so at the very least I can speak with her?

- David

F R O M : T O : O N :   2450-6-10-17:18:19
Subject: Your help with something . . .

Doctor McKinley,

I hope you don’t mind me emailing you directly. It took me some time to track you down to this address which I was referred by an old colleague of yours. He said you might be able to help me. I’m in need of your genetics expertise and all of the doctors I have visited so far lack your expertise in genome therapy which, they tell me, could help me with my . . . problem.

Would you be willing to come to Ariel to meet with me personally? I could certainly make it worth your while. I’ve exhausted just about all of my options up to this point so I hope you’ll say yes . . .

Sincerely Yours,
Helene Wright
Registered Companion (CRN 1D5381F9821Z)

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