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Subject: New Beginnings
Date: Error

Adam tells me I can use the on board ship VI system to keep personal logs so this is my first attempt to do so. He assures me that these logs will be kept in confidence and I have no reason to not believe him. In either case, I want to begin keeping a personal log outside my research notes.

It was easier than I thought to leave my life behind and venture out into the black with Mazie and her crew. I can’t but help feel responsible for what happened to her and Adam. Back then I told myself there was nothing that I could do to help the boy. Now I know that was blatantly irresponsible so it’s time to atone for past transgressions. Adam seems content with his lot here, and after a brief psychological evaluation I’m convinced he’s being treated well. I’m not about to let him go again so for the time being I’ve decided to make the Calypso my home.

I have a fair amount of personal wealth accumulated and could probably live comfortably on board this ship until I’m too old for space travel, but all the same Mazie insisted I have a cut of her profits. She’s certainly an interesting person with an even more interesting moral compass. So far I’m impressed by what I’ve seen and there’s no denying she’s very good at what she does. This isn’t the ideal environment for Adam but he could do a whole lot worse than Mazie. While I recognize Adam’s work in the form of the laser pistols the crew has been outfitted with, she doesn’t seem to press him to research like the Alliance did and lets him work at his own pace. She also treats him like one of the crew and holds him accountable for his work. While my initial reaction was that he was far too young for such treatment, the discipline actually seems to be having a positive effect on the boy. For now, we have an uneasy arrangement which will hopefully last as long as it can. Maybe I can help her and Adam find some peace in what happened to them since I highly doubt their alterations are reversible (a fact I neglected to mention to the captain for the time being).

My primary concern at the moment is the other crewman on board the ship. His name is Shin Mai, which is probably the only true thing he’s told the captain. I recognize him from old Alliance files. He’s a master assassin for a Tong, though we were never sure which one (possibly multiple Tongs). He specializes in infiltration and assassination and I suspect it is highly likely he picked up a bounty for Mazie and is biding his time to learn more about her with the intention of either capturing or killing her. I admire his level of discipline and commitment, but it will be a long time before I drop my guard around him, especially since Adam’s future is on the line. The captain seems to trust him which could be a fatal mistake if she isn’t careful.

Subject: New Ship, New Life
Date: Error

ALICIA, begin personal log and vocal recording protocol for log entry. Are you ready? Good. Ahem.

This is Adam, HELLO! I’m writing this log on board our new ship, the Calypso! Mazie rescued me from the facility for helping her get free and even made me part of her crew! This is better than I hoped for, I really thought she’d just drop me off somewhere but here I am! I’m trying my best to work hard to make sure she likes me. She seems to really like most of the ideas I have and pretty much lets me do what I want on board the ship which is great.

I’m eating three times a day and everyone on the crew spends time with me which is awesome! Mazie is teaching me how to shoot, Shin says I need to learn how to “mediate” because my “ki” is chaotic and unfocused or something (dunno what all that’s about…) and, great news, we picked up the doctor! Doctor McKinley agreed to come on board which I’m super excited about because he’s a really nice guy. Mazie seems really concerned about what happened to her so I hope the doctor can help her figure it all out. If anyone can I’m sure it’s him.

Mazie also bought me a ton of new stuff and even let me pick all of it out! I wish she was my big sister in real life, she’s been so nice to me I couldn’t ask for a better home. I’m really happy she has her own ship so we can sail the galaxy together. Doctor McKinley says the Alliance is looking for us but I don’t want to think about that. For now at least, I want to enjoy being free. I think Mazie goes out of her way to make sure I don’t know about the terrible things that go on in the ‘Verse but I do, and I know how hard she’s working to keep me safe. There’s no where I’d rather be than on her ship right now with her.

Well that’s all for now, I have to get back to installing the new security system with Shin. ALICIA, end recording and store under personal logs locally please.

Subject: ALICIA Online
Date: Unknown
Author: Adam

I’ve been at this facility longer than I can remember. I don’t know anything other than these four white walls around me. My only link to the outside world is the Cortex but they regulate it. So, I’ve built this Artificial Intelligence system named A.L.I.C.I.A (Artificial Liaison and Integrated Circuitry Intelligence Architecture) which I’ve told the doctor is designed to help me continue my research. In truth, Alicia will be my only friend and locked with me in these four walls. I know she’s only a VI but the thought of not being stuck in here alone makes me happier. At least there’s someone in here with me other than my prisoners. I also programmed Alicia with advanced psychology and she’s already diagnosed a host of mental problems I was only aware of on a subconscious level. Alicia can do everything I told them she could do, but she’s capable of so much more. I’ve already begun writing a complete ship management interface in case I’m ever able to get out of here. Someday, maybe. Someday.

The only thing Alicia can’t do is help me with genetic research, as the topic is so advanced there is no documentation available. I’ve programmed Alicia to hack around the firewalls and security systems of the station to reach out to the Cortex and begin assimilating information. Though she has 500 Yottabytes of storage, I hope to improve her storage further while still maintaining her compact design. The best part of Alicia is that she can integrate into any system and I can carry her under my arm. I imagine that’s what having a real friend is like, someone that you can take with you no matter where you go.



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