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Gorgeous George
Base of Operations: Blue Heaven
Affiliations: Blue Heaven
Specializations: Large scale operations
Point of Contact for: Jobs, Goods, Basic Supplies
First Job: Scoundrel Classic
Assets: Cortex Specter, Friends in High/Low Places, Good Name, Leadership
Complications: Amorous, Ego Signature, Rebellious
Notable Skills: Boxing, Leadership, Morale, Persuasion, Streetwise

Brief Description: Gorgeous George is the owner of Blue Heaven, an independent station home to many criminals with legitimate fronts. There’s always a party and at the center of that party is Gorgeous George. He’s good to his friends and a living nightmare to his enemies.

Base of Operations: Mobile
Affiliations: Blue Heaven
Specializations: Odd Jobs
Point of Contact for: Jobs
First Job: The Big Score
Assets: Friends in Low Places, Leadership, Middleman
Complications: Chip on Shoulder, Prejudice (Alliance), Wisecracker
Notable Skills: Forgery, Intimidation, Intuition, Singing

Brief Description: Hector started his career as a musician that took the whole “gangster” thing too seriously. As a result he got himself mixed up with the wrong crowds but no one in a million years would’ve guessed he’d be good at it. Hector is a relatively small time guy but he makes good on his word and is a hell of a singer.

Franklin Daynes
Base of Operations: Londinium
Affiliations: Alliance
Specializations: Personal Tasks
Point of Contact for: Jobs, Legal, Money Laundry
First Job: Mechanic Retrieval
Assets: Friends in High Places, Moneyed Individual, Things Go Smooth
Complications: Glory Hound, Non-Fightin’ Type
Notable Skills: Law, Persuasion, Politics, Empathy

Brief Description: Odd as it sounds, Franklin is a very knowledgeable lawyer that aggressively pursues criminals of the ‘Verse. Only trouble is the he does it for the criminals that are paying him. He may have been a good man a while ago but that’s long gone. Now he’s only interested in serving his own needs.

Jane Reicht
Base of Operations: Beylix
Affiliations: Alliance
Specializations: Scrap Dealer
Point of Contact for: Salvage, Scrap, Supplies, Upgrades
First Job: Why Are the Men Gone?
Assets: Friends in High Places, Middleman, Total Recall
Complications: Neat Freak, Stingy
Notable Skills: Negotiation, Intuition

Brief Description: Jane managed to secure a salvage license on Beylix where she sells Alliance “junk” which is actually not junk at all. She moves everything from upgrades to whole ships to weapons, whatever she finds. Her meticulous personality is perfect for rummaging through thousands of tons of scrap each day.

Charlie Kitterman
Base of Operations: Unknown
Affiliations: Alliance, Blue Heaven
Specializations: Information Gathering
Point of Contact for: Jobs
First Job: Big Trouble in Little Whitefall
Assets: Cortex Specter, Friends in High Places
Complications: Memorable
Notable Skills: Unknown

Brief Description: Charlie Kitterman is a mysterious contact that seems to have his hand in some Alliance information streams. Not much else is known about him but his information has so far proved accurate and he agreeable to a purposed partnership with Mazie.



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