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Combination Basics

Combination effects are strictly an ability of Stage 2 Red. When combining their abilities together, they can generate effects that far surpass their base abilities and give them capabilities that can put them on par with Stage 3 if executed correctly. Combination effects are generated by two Phase 2 Reds that are in close proximity (roughly within the same room) and involve both Phase 2s manipulating their mutation to interact with one another. Note that only biologically related Phase 2s (40% Red Match) can create combination effects. The real power from this ability is when a Stage 2 is within close proximity of an M-Red, since the M-Red can “contribute” any ability she has learned to any other Stage 2 to create a combination effect allowing her to grant multiple different abilities to multiple Stage 2s.

Mechanics: Combination effects have a listed die pool and are rolled as full assist actions between the two participants, using the highest Attribute roll between the two to determine the potency of the effect.

Using these abilities is typically Reflexive but suffers their own multiple action penalties as normal.

Phase 2 Combinations

Extended Task Alacrity (ETA)
Participants: Lucan and Oren
Description: Combining Lucan’s enhanced sensory capabilities and Oren’s superhuman speed, the two mutations work synchronically to allow them to complete non-reflexive tasks with incredible speed.

Mechanics: Roll Agility + Alertness. Each tier of difficulty represents how much faster an action can be taken. Completing a task twice as fast is Easy, completing a task three times as fast is Average, completing a task four times as fast is Hard, and so on. Conversely, using this ability can accomplish multiple actions with a single action. It’s Easy to accomplish two actions at once, Average to accomplish three actions at once, Hard to accomplish four actions at once, and so on.

Reactive Kinetic Barrier (RKB)
Participants: Blaine and Ansel or Oren
Description: This ability allows any of the participants to create a force shield to block any force of their choosing reflexively in response to an external force acting upon them.

Mechanics: Roll Intelligence + Agility (Oren) or Alertness (Ansel) to determine the effect. Stopping an active force (such as a bullet) is contested by the aggressors’ roll while stopping an environmental force is a set difficulty determined by the Storyteller. Effects that produce damage effectively add their damage rating to the difficulty of the roll. The reactive shield created by this ability can be roughly the size of a small room.

Example: A soldier throws a grenade at Blaine that he’s completely unprepared for and he attempts to use this ability to protect him and Oren from the blast. Assuming an attack roll of 7 with a damage roll of 12W would result in a difficulty 19 for Blaine to create a protective shield that harmlessly absorbs the grenade blast. If the shield fails to stop the full brunt of the damage those protected by this ability need only contend with the excess damage (the difference between the final damage and shield activation roll) the shield couldn’t stop (treating the shield activation roll as Armor).

Reactive Teleportation Avoidance (RTA)
Participants: Jina and Ansel or Oren
Description: In response to a single attack, this ability can be used to move the user out of harms way and safely circumvent the attack.

Mechanics: Roll Vitality + Agility (Oren) or Alertness (Ansel) with a difficulty of the activation roll (for things like attack) or a static difficulty for environmental effects (set by the ST). If the activation roll exceeds the result then the power can safely move the user to anywhere within line of sight to safely avoid the attack.

Kinetic Energy Channeling (KEC)
Participants: Jackson and Any Other
Description: Taking Jackson’s ability one step further, this combination allows him and another Red to focus and channel the Kinetic energy he absorbs into another power of the Red.

Mechanics: When Jackson’s ability is used to absorb kinetic energy successfully, this ability allows another effect of Red to be increased by one step. For example, combining with Oren’s power would grant him a +1 step bonus to his Agility and double his speed. Combined with Blaine’s ability, KEC would allow him to absorb a single attack then increase the strength of an active barrier. Jackon’s ability cannot “spool up” step bonuses for abilities, the attack has to come while the character is maintaining a current ability. Using this ability, much like Jackon’s base ability, is completely Reflexive and relies on the same roll as his ability (Vitality + Vitality). An Exceptional success on the activation of Jackson’s ability grants a +2 step bonus.



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