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APBWelcome to the new and improved All Points Bulletin!

Illegal body mods, exotic substances, weapon mods… it’s all here! Just remember to route your Datapads and Black Boxes through the Blue Heaven Cortex network. Not only is it the fastest Cortex connection in the verse, but our proprietary algorithms will make sure your business stays your business and no on else’s.

Standard transaction rates still apply, all sales on or facilitated by Blue Heaven tech are subject to a 15% transaction fee. As always the APB is a free service provided by Blue Heaven and will stay that way. You may be thinking about cheating the system but remember . . . there’s a reason everyone moves product through Blue Heaven. The Alliance has always been kind enough to wipe out our competition.

News Feed

2461-8-19-15:43:04 GST An Alliance Red manufacturing plant on Londinium has been destroyed bringing the main supplier of troops to the Alliance War Machine to a halt!

2461-8-13-19:21:59 GST Reports are now coming in of trouble on Whitefall. A host of Alliance personnel seem to have taken up residence in a small mining town and are disbanded the locals!

2461-8-11-07:13:51 GST Another fleet down! The Alliance reports a missing Carrier, Crete-Class “Torreador” along with a four gunship escort have gone missing after a strike on Beylix. Nice work purple bellies!

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>     I N     T H E     K N O W     <

In The Know is brought to you this week by the public relations representative from the private corporation Super Human who specialize in Red Assimilation. We’ve reached out to her and her organization to bring you the details on what it means to be Red!

[All Points Bulletin – Interviewer] – Good morning Artemis! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us!
[Super Human Representative – Artemis] Good morning! I really appreciate the opportunity to spread the word about our corporation and hopefully answer a few questions, so thank you for reaching out to us!

[APB-I] – So we have a lot of people asking about Red and were hoping you could give a brief overview of just what it means to be Red.
[SHR-A] – Absolutely! Red is a condition much like gene therapy which alters you physical state of being. While, medically speaking, Red aren’t technically classified as human the changes to the individuals that undergo the transformation are all positive. They look and feel their best all the time, see tremendous performance improvements, and gain phenomenal resiliency which makes Red a far superior human condition than the normal homo sapien state.

[APB-I] – How exciting! Any side effects to the procedure?
[SHR-A] – Oh no not at all and the downtime is extremely short. We have in house facilities here where we can see to all your medical needs and the recovery time is rarely longer than a day. To date we have no human casualties and no negative reported side effects after the procedure. Red is incredibly safe!

[APB-I] – Amazing. What about the rumors of Charlie and his abilities? That has a lot of people running scared.
[SHR-A] – It’s true that Charlie has a very rare mutation which makes him dangerous to other Reds, but the truth is that Charlie is just one man and very easily avoided. Charlie encounters less than a fraction of a percent of the population at any given time and the odds of encountering him are astronomically small compared to, say, a human developing cancer or suffering heart failure. Besides, there are Red out there that have some control over Humans which is a much greater threat and one more easily managed if you choose to become Red yourself.

[APB-I] – I think you make a very good point, Charlie is more or less the modern day bogeyman of our times. But let’s talk affordability. How much will Red set back the average merc?
[SHR-A] – Well we are, of course, a for-profit business but we like to work with our clients. Red is a significant investment and well worth the money but we work with individual clients based on their financial needs. Maintaining our operation is expensive but we’re dedicated to making it affordable to everyone.

[APB-I] – That’s wonderful to hear, we have a lot of mercs from the experienced veterans to those just starting to make a name for themselves so we’re really glad to hear this. Could you explain for our readers what the different “Stages” of Red are?
[SHR-A] – Of course! Super Human only creates Stage 1 Reds as the procedure for creating Stage 2s has some pretty harrowing side effects we’ve yet to learn how to overcome. Stage 3s are a bit of a mystery even to our organization and we’re unclear on how they’re created but creating more capable Reds through our program is certainly at the top of our research list! Stage 1 Reds, make no mistake, are still incredibly formidable individuals and far surpass the capabilities of a normal Human.

[APB-I] – Very interesting, well I believe I speak for everyone when I say we hope you figure it out soon. How about the procedure itself?
[SHR-A] – Quick, simple, clean. It involves little more than a minor medical procedure here at our facility and some time for observation. We’ve been working to perfect Red for quite some time now and the procedure itself is noninvasive and can be performed in under 10 minutes. Observation after the procedure typically lasts about a day depending on the individual. We’ve had cases where people were back on their feet the same day!

[APB-I] – Amazing! What’s your screening process like?
[SHR-A] – Well right now we’re mostly concerned with espionage from the Alliance so we’re taking every precaution to make sure they don’t stick their noses in our business. For that reason the screening procedure sometimes takes even longer than the medical procedure but we want to be careful so that we can offer Red to as many people as possible. The procedure is completely voluntary and you can change your mind up until the last minute (our staff has and will always be respectful of your wishes) but do know that once you’ve undergone the procedure there is no known way to reverse it. We have some Red on our staff but we also have some Humans, such as myself! We here at Super Human believe that Humans and Red can coexist in peace and we’re living proof of that ourselves!

[APB-I] – That’s fantastic news. We’ll enclose your Wave address below for our readers to reach out to you but do you have any closing remarks for our audience?
[SHR-A] – We here at Super Human believe that Red truly is the future. We’re trying to create a Verse where things like disease are a thing of the past and Red is not only the miracle cure we’ve all been waiting for, but it’s also the next phase of Human evolution. While we don’t think everyone should be forced to make the transition, we hope to make it obtainable for everyone and let Humanity see for itself that becoming Red allows you to be a part of the next stage of Human evolution. Thank you all again for taking the time to look us up and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

>     S W A P     A N D     S H O P     <

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