The Sting Ray


Dimensions (LxBxH): 450 × 185 × 65 feet
Tonnage: 4,800 tons
Speed Class: 8 cruise / 12 hard-burn
Crew Complement: 4 officers, 12 space hands
Quarters: 25 quad cabins, 20 double cabins, 20 single cabins
Fuel Capacity: 500 solar watts (5,500 hours)
Wormhole Dialater: can open wormhole, see details in asset
Cargo Capacity: 40 tons

- Armor (7 Stun, 7 Wound)
- 6 Laser Canons, d12 damage
- 2 EMP Guns, d0 damage, *special
- 200 escape pods
- Infirmary with six beds
- 12 single fighter ships “Swarm Ships”

Price: ₡ priceless
Complexity: high. Maintenance costs ₡ 10,560 a year.


Agi d12 + d2 | Str d12 | Vit d12
Int d12 + d4 | Ale d12 | Wil d12

Init 2d12+d2
LP 30


Athletics d6
Covert d6
Heavy Weapons d6
Perception d6
Pilot d6
Technical Engineering d6


  • AI d12
    • A.R.G.E.N.T (Artificial Reintegrated Gnosiological and Enhanced Neural Technology)
    • Argent is able to use the ship’s attributes and skills as though she were an NPC, however, she is limited—for example, she cannot pilot another ship as her AI core is integrated into the Sting Ray and therefore can only use pilot on her own system
  • Alien Technology d12 (wormhole technology)
    • Intelligence + Science (astrogation) roll
    • Average = same system
    • Hard = adjacent system
    • Formidable = across the verse
    • Incredible = random coordinates across the multiverse
    • Ridiculous = specific coordinates across the multiverse
  • Compact Systems Design/Newfangled d6 (-20% tonnage devoted to systems)
  • Cortex Specter d12 (Penalty to find info on the ship)
  • Fast Throttle d8 (Bonus to hard burn +2, bonus to cruise +1)
  • Healthy as a Horse d12 (vitality bonus for maintenance, ship can regenerate 1W/Minute)
  • One of a Kind d8 (Penalty to exploit systems, be identified)
  • Solar Charged d12 (replenishing energy cells power the engine)
  • Submersible d4 (Can go under water)

An alien vessel from an unknown region of space. The white ship has been in Alliance control for decades before their base was overrun by Reavers and they were forced to retreat.


The Sting Ray

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