Rail Gun


Rail Gun

Damage: d12W
Range: 2000 ft
Ammo: 3(20)
Traits: Silent
Cost: 225.6c
Weight: 10 lbs


A state of the art rifle that uses an electromagnetic coil induction system to fire “spiked” ammunition at absolutely incredible speeds, the Rail Gun is the high tech futuristic weapon of choice for elite snipers in the Verse. The induction coil also heats up the ammunition and fires it at such a high velocity that ammunition almost instantly traverses the intervening distance. The gun itself fires specially made “spikes” which are loaded into a clip attached to the bottom of the gun. Without needing any kind of explosive to release ammunition, the gun itself is extremely versatile and can be fired underwater or even in the vacuum of space. While the “slugs” for the Rail Gun need to meet incredibly specific machining standards, they can be made out of almost any material (provided it can withstand the velocity) which makes ammunition for the weapon easy to fabricate.

The gun features many built-in conveniences including a silencing system (locating shooter is a base Formidable difficulty), flash suppressor (+2 difficulty to visually spot the sniper), an Ocular Scope (a x128 electronic scope which allows the shooter to take advantage of the gun’s incredible range), and fold-down bipod clips for easy use (+1 Skill Step while aiming). Due to the high velocity at which the gun fires its rounds, shots with the weapon ignore all environmental penalties that would normally act upon the bullet (such as strong winds or higher than usual gravity). Lastly the gun also features a custom designed fingerprint sensor on the firing mechanism. This trigger can be programmed for up to a dozen biometrics and automatically unlocks the gun when held by an authorized user.

Clips for the Rail Gun include a compact but powerful power source which is used to power the rail that accelerates the rounds. While the clips can be “reloaded” with rails and the batteries for the clip can be recharged, each clip costs 10c to purchase (if available at all).

Design Notes

So this is a Standard Rifle (which is the base stock for a sniper rifle) taken to the x6. 4 of which is devoted to increase damage and the other 2 is range increment increases to effectively let the gun fire at line of sight range (base 180c). Additional cost include ocular scope (128x magnitude) which maxes out the human visual range at 28,800 ft (13.6c), a fold-down bipod (4.4c), flash suppressor (1.6c), and silencer (5.2c), all of which are just base mods to the new tech rifle but built into the actual gun itself. Add in a new tech x2 trigger lock (20.8c) for added security (automatically enables and disables) so the gun isn’t a liability if it falls into the wrong hands.


Rail Gun

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