Brendans Rifle


Brendans Custom Heavy Sniper Rifle

ItemDamageRange IncMax ROF (Mag)Cost (C/P)WeightAvailability
Sniper Rifled12W2,0006 (30/45)320c/800p5NA


Custom engineered by Brendan to compliment his red ability, this Rifle has been heavily modified to support precision-based accuracy. In addition to the incredible range it provides, it fires a special type of “smart bullet” that can track targets once locked. The rifle itself uses electromagnetic propulsion for each bullet it fires which means its silent and does not give off a muzzle flash. Additionally, the gun can fire underwater and in a vacuum.

“Locking” a target requires a single action. Once done, the character can later chose to fire on all locked targets with a single action. If multiple targets were locked in the same round, they suffer multi action penalties as normal. Otherwise, each shot is made at the characters full die pool. The target must still be within line of sight of the shooter and cannot have full cover. If the target acquires full cover from the shooter, the “lock” is lost and must be re-acquired. The guns internal memory system can lock on to up to 6 targets at once.


Brendans Rifle

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