Alliance Patrol Boat


Dimensions (LxBxH): 340 × 155 × 45 feet.
Tonnage: 3,955 tons.
Speed Class: 5 cruise/7 hard-burn
Crew Complement: 4 officers, 12 space hands
Crew Quarters: 4 quad cabins, 4 double cabins, 8 single cabins
Fuel Capacity: 200 tons (1,200 hours)
Cargo Capacity: 20 tons
- Eight 100-pound short range missiles (500 pounds each)
- Ten 10-pound short range missiles (50 pounds each), with decoy or jammer warheads
- One 20-pound cannon with 160 rounds
- Two 1pound autocannon with 1,000 rounds each
- Two shuttles
- Two ASREVs (Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vessels)
- 250 escape pods
- Infirmary with four beds

Price: ₡ 210,000, plus ammunition (11,000 credits per full load).
Complexity: high. Maintenance costs ₡ 10,560 a year.


Agi d6, Str d6, Vit d6
Ale d2, Int d6, Wil d6

Init d6+d12
LP 12


Covert d6
Perception d6
Pilot d6

The work horse of the Alliance enforcement arm, patrol boats can be encountered anywhere in the ‘Verse (though they are mainly found concentrated around the Core planets). Patrol boats perform customs duty, search and rescue, anti-smuggling patrols, and maintain general control of the space lanes. Patrol boats saw service on both sides during the war, being one of the few classes the Independent worlds had on hand at its outbreak. Those that were captured intact have been returned to Alliance service (or at least that’s what was supposed to happen!).


Alliance Patrol Boat

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