Alien Armor


Cost: 1,100c (Base Suit) + 1,326.55c (Integrated Equipment) = 2,426.55c Total Cost
Armor Rating: 6W*
Armor Cover: Full Body (Including Helmet)
Penalty: -
Weight: 10 lbs


A state of the art advanced suit of armor using high tech gel inserts that harden upon exposure to a high impact, heat or other hostile element to protect the wearer. In addition to providing superior protection from harm, these suits also downgrade damage from ballistics to Stun (as per standard Plate Vest armor).


Tactical Suit out of the Core book is 5W, -2 Ale. x2 to bump up to 6W, x4 to move down the Ale penalty, for a total of x6 at present.

From there, integrating equipment becomes the next priority. We’ll add on another x4 to the Suit cost to represent that it can have different components built into each different system. From there, we add up the cost of all the desired additional components. Right now, the base Tactical Suit Cost is 110 × 10 = 1,100c.

Helmet Package Integration (288c)

  • Eyetap Computer System – Visor (120c)
    • Integrated computer system into the visor helmet of the armor, full HUD display
  • Communication System – Helmet (32c)
    • Integrated communication system, sub-vocalization and voice modulation included
  • Auto-Filter Visor (New Tech x4 Tinted Goggles – 8c)
    • Visor automatically darkens, +2 Step Attribute Bonus vs harmfully bright light
  • Integrated Gas Mask (Size Reduced x2 New Tech, 8c)
    • Filters air impurities and and hazards
  • Integrated Surveillance Gear (120c)
    • Includes Long Range Ocular (x128), cameras, miniature imagers and recorders, microtransmitters, thermal imagers, comm frequency scanner, and speaker system

Integrated Suit Equipment (1,038.55c)

  • Integrated Grounder Mesh (80c)
    • +2 Step Attribute bonus vs harmful Stun effects
  • Powered Exoskeleton (Effective x4 New Tech, 220c)
    • +2 Step Strength Bonus
  • Integrated Stealth Suit (New Tech x4, 160c)
    • As per Chameleon Suit (new tech for add’l 2 step bonus), +4 Step bonus on Covert/Stealth and Covert/Camouflage Checks
  • Magnetic Responsive Gear Harness (x4 New Tech Harness/6 Holsters, 264c)
    • Harness that supports magnetic gear attachment, integrated into suit computer for “smart” attach/detach
    • Average Agility + Guns to speed draw/holster guns (per Speed-Drawn Holster)
  • Integrated Combat Shock Gloves (58.4c)
    • Deals 1d6 damage with an additional 1d6 Stun
    • Requires a Hard resistance roll or 1 unconscious for 1 minute, success gives a cumulative -1 Attribute penalty
  • Integrated Collapsible Tactical Shield (x6 New Tech, 60c)
    • +2 Step bonus on Melee/Shield to Block, Light Cover when Held, Medium Cover when crouching behind, one combat action to deploy/collapse
  • Integrated Tool Suites (Stored in Suit Compartments or Built In (196.15c)
    • Multi-Tool (2c), Reprogrammer (6.8c), Babbler (120c), Radiation Tag (0.35c), New Tech Multiband (9.6c), Chest-Mounted Glowstick (2c), Storage Compartments (60 lbs, 2c), Integrated Surveillance Diffusion System (4c), Lock Picks (14c), Electronic Lock Picks (35.4c)

Alien Armor

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