AEE Pistol


Alliance Elite Edition (AEE) Pistol

ItemDamageRange IncMax ROF (Mag)Cost (C/P)WeightAvailability
AEE Pistold8W1303(15/30)44c/110p2R


A modified heavy pistol designed for accuracy over longer distances, better firing performance, and made of special lightweight materials to keep the soldiers from being weighed down, the AEE Pistol is one of the staples for elite troops. This reliable weapon is found holstered on some of the toughest Alliance troops in service, and flashing the sleek black design is often enough to diffuse situations without firing a single shot.

The standard pistol comes with 4 magazines, two of which are extended clips that hold double the normal capacity. Extra attachments for this weapon are distributed on an as-needed basis, but the standardized design is meant to house most standard issue tactical accessories which allows agents to customize their weapons with most after market tech.


AEE Pistol

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