Sibby Kaul



Sibby owns a large scrap yard on the planet Beylix and makes a good living as a junk dealer. While a competent mechanic in her own right, Sibby has moved on from the wrench-jockey scene and acts as the lead face for her own business. Not afraid to slip one under the Alliance, those “in the know” are familiar with Dock 13 that Sibby uses to quickly and quietly chop up less-than-legally obtained ships to quickly laundry them back into circulation. On paper, Sibby’s establishment of course only has 12 docks.


  • Moving Stolen Merchandise: 50% Market Value
  • Raw Scrap For Sale: 45% Market Value
  • Docking: 1 credit / 125 tons of ship for 1 week, a cumulative 5% discount per additional week (caps at 50%)
  • Fuel: 4.5 credits / ton
  • Equipment Rental: 0.5% of purchase price per day
  • Skilled Labor: 1 credit / worker / day
  • Dry Dock: 2 credits / 125 tons of ship for up to 1 week, can accomplish 125,000c worth of modifications

Sibby Kaul

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