Chief Logistics Officer (CLO) for the Alliance, Rudie has had unparalleled success in the Alliance. Clever well before his mutation, Rudie arranged to have himself exposed to Red despite Alliance protocol, at the time, not allowing for any non-combatives to be exposed. Despite this, once Rudie became Red he quietly began working his way up until he became one of the highest ranking Officers in the Alliance Military. After acquiring the position, Rudie revealed his mutation (Cognitive Analysis) and began quietly working in the shadows nudging the Verse this way and that.

While most consider Rudie a patriot, his mutation has vastly expanded his horizons and he concerns himself with far more than the military operations of the Alliance. A logistics specialist without peer, Rudie has more than a few strange circumstances surrounding him leading many to wonder just whose side he’s really on. Despite several inquiries, no one in the Alliance has ever even managed to gather enough evidence to bring a case against him to trial and he’s conveniently had all inquiries expunged from his record.

Despite knowing how most (if not all) things come to an end, Rudie is still a polite and dedicated humanitarian. Although the knowing look in his eye betrays his knowledge of how the conversation will end, Rudie nevertheless engages frequently in polite discourse with both his peers and underlings.



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