Petra Lee


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Sovereign Violet Ability

Life Points 18 | Initiative d8 + d10 | Resistance d10 + d6 | Endurance 2d6


Agility d10 | Strength d4 | Vitality d6
Alertness d10 | Intelligence d12 | Willpower d12


Animal Handling
Artistry d6
Athletics d8
Covert d4
Craft d6
Discipline d8
          Mental Resistance d10
          Concentration d10
Guns d8
Heavy Weapons
Influence d8
          Hive d12
Knowledge d6
Mechanical Engineering * d8
Linguist * d2 (Mandarin)
Medical Expertise d8
Melee Weapons
Perception d8
          Empathy d12
Pilot * d2
Planetary Vehicles
Ranged Weapons
Scientific Expertise * d8
          Mathematical Sciences d10
Survival d8
Technical Engineering* d8
Unarmed Combat d8


Renaissance Woman d8
General skills can be bought to d8

Allure d6
With Allure, you gain a skill step die bonus on all actions keyed to appearance, such as: seduction, negotiation, persuasion, or winning beauty pageants.

Highly Educated d4
bonus on Intelligence rolls to any Knowledge-based skill

Fightin’ Type d4
You may take one non-attack action each combat turn without penalty. For example, if you move and shoot in the same turn, your shot will not suffer the normal –1 step Skill penalty.

Math Whiz d6
step bonus on Intelligence rolls related to accounting, engineering, navigation, or anything that requires mathematical interpretation

Comp Tech d4
step bonus when working on a program, running senor sweeps or hacking

Mechanical Empathy d4
step bonus on Mechanical Engineering to fix devices and know problems with devices

Sawbones d4
step bonus when working with medical procedures

A Moment In Time d6
In combat, this asset allows you to keep fightin’ despite an injury. In social interactions, it’s impossible for a watcher to ‘read’ your reactions or your true feelings about anything, unless you want them to. Normal Skill rolls to do so automatically fail. A Reader suffers a -2 Skill step when trying to Read you. You automatically resist the urge to break down (cry, go into hysteria, or similar) upon receiving bad news, though you may need to deal with it at a later time. You still feel the pain, but this Trait lets you ignore it until a more convenient moment to grieve arrives.

Heavy Tolerance d4
bonus to resist drugs, alcohol, poison


Memorable d4
You’re easily identified. Others gain a +2 step Alertness Attribute bonus when attempting to spot you or recognize your likeness.

Overconfident d4
You know that you’re up for any challenge. You’ll run, not walk, into deadly altercations. You’ll pick a fight even when you’re outnumbered. You’ll bet all the credits you have on a single throw of the dice. You’ll risk attempting a dangerous action even if you’re not the least bit skilled at it.

Credo d4
“Knowledge is how we evolve, go in its pursuit above all else.”
As a Minor Trait, pick a credo that will get you into minor trouble. Examples: You will always defend a lady’s honor, you never run from a fight. As a Major Trait, your credo is a sure fire way to put yourself in danger. Examples: you never leave a man behind; the Captain goes down with the ship; you always protect the weak.

Phobia d4
Thalassophobia – fear of being in large bodies of water

Chip on Shoulder d2
the wealthy, those with means didn’t have to apply themselves like the rest of us and so they don’t deserve the same respect or consideration


Petra Lee

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