Mazie Brayden


Agi d12      Str d8      Vit d10      Ale d8      Int d10      Wil d12 + d2
Init d12 + d10 + d4 LP 24
Allure d6
You are physically attractive, either a handsome fellow or a lovely woman. When you desire companionship you generally don’t need to look far. Not only are you good-looking, but you know how to make your looks work for you in most situations. Only rarely does your shwie appearance attract the wrong sort of attention. You gain a d6 on all actions keyed to appearance, such as: seduction, negotiation, persuasion, or winning beauty pageants.
Cortex Specter d6
There’s almost no record of you in the Cortex. You’re a ghost gliding through the system unseen. Simple clerical error could be the cause, or someone (perhaps yourself) went to the trouble to wipe the information clean. Benefit: A Cortex search won’t show much about your history besides your birth. Anyone attempting to dig up information on your past has a d6 added to the difficulty of their search. Casual searches will reveal almost nothing about you.
Steady Calm d8
Some situations shake up normal folk and have them pissin’ themselves, but not you. You keep a
clear head while all around you are losing theirs. Benefit: You gain a d8 to Willpower to avoid being shaken, frightened, or startled.
Lightnin’ Reflexes d4
You react to danger quickly. Folk rarely get the drop on you. In a quick-draw contest, your gun is out before the other fellow can find his holster. Benefit: You gain a d4 to your Agility on all Initiative rolls.
Fightin’ Type d8
You know how to handle yourself in almost any combat-type situation—whether it’s a rough-andtumble brawl or a deadly shootin’ match. Benefit: You may take one non-attack action each combat turn without penalty. For example, if you move and shoot in the same turn, your shot will not suffer the normal –1 step Skill penalty.
Friends in Low Places d6
Benefit: Once per session, you can spend one or more Plot Points to call in a favor from a
local criminal contact, either someone known to you from previous play or someone you suddenly
recall having met previously. The GM must agree on the nature and position of your “friend,” as
well on the possibility of your favor—which must be appropriate for such folk. (This friend will not be able to provide tickets to the opera, but could get you a sweet deal on a laser-sighted grenade launcher.) Note that your contacts might call in favors from you in the future. The cost in Plot Points depends on the favor.
Overconfident d6
You’ve got a bold streak as wide as the Rim. You don’t think you’re smarter, stronger, and tougher than everyone else in the ‘Verse—you know you are! Some term you “cocky,” but you know that a person as wonderful as you are should be this confident and capable. Penalty: You know that you’re up for any challenge. You’ll run, not walk, into deadly altercations. You’ll pick a fight even when you’re outnumbered. You’ll bet all the credits you have on a single throw of the dice. You’ll risk attempting a dangerous action even if you’re not the least bit skilled at it.
Leadership d8
Once per session, you can designate a goal for receiving your leadership bonus. Everyone working to achieve the goal gains d8 on any one action directly related to completing the ask. (An example might be focusing the entire crew on finding a stowaway.) You may also spend any number of your available Plot Points to improve the actions of one or more characters other than yourself, so long as those actions are related to your chosen goal. These Plot Points must be used immediately by each character who receives them in this way. The characters may also supplement these Plot Points with their own.
Athletics d6
     Dodge d10 / Climbing d10 / Running d10
Covert d6
     Stealth d12 / Disable Devices d12 / Sleight of Hand d10
Discipline d6
     Concentration d8 / Mental Resistance d8
Influence d6
     Leadership d12 / Persuasion d12 / Intimidation d10
Mechanical Engineering d6
     Starships d8
Perception d6
     Sight d10 + d2
     Empathy d10
     Intuition d
Pilot d4
Planetary Vehicles d6
Survival d6
Technical Engineering d6
     Hacking d10
Guns d6
     Pistols d12 / Rifles d8 / Gunsmithing d8
Melee Weapons d6
     Knives d12
Unarmed Combat d6
     MMA d10


Mazie grew up on space stations and ships. Her mother was an Alliance pilot and she never knew her father. She traveled around with her mother during her career and picked up mechanical and technical skills—she typically worked on the stations or ships that her mother flew.

Mazie and her mother were on an Alliance ship during the great war. The cockpit was blown away…

After that Mazie bounced from ship to ship taking odd jobs as a mechanic or technical engineer. She got roped in with a bad crowd and started running covert missions for a few years. She even led a couple. She wanted to get out of debt from the loan sharks….she wanted this to be the last job.

Mazie Brayden

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