Logan Yee



Disgruntled security guard at Starline Industries, he broke Starline’s only hard and fast rule: never, ever bother the scientists. Logan was transferred to the night shift after a relationship turned south with one of the scientists at his office. While the move wasn’t a demotion on paper, Logan new this would be the wall his career would never get passed.

After he heard the bulletin the Alliance put out about Petra’s infection, Logan called the Alliance to intercept her when he just happen to catch her roaming around on the security footage. A botched attempt at stalling resulted in a half dozen Red waiting outside for her. Logan was alarmed when the gun fire started and immediately began moving people out of the lobby. Taking but a moment to look around before leaving himself, Petra’s teleportation ability rebounded off of another Red’s mutation and pulled a chunk of a building along with it. Beneath the pieces of concrete and steel framing, Logan lay trapped beneath.

The crew found him in critical condition amid the rubble and Jin was having a hard time repairing the massive injuries that resulted from the accident. In a moment of compassion, Petra decided to use her mutation on him which turned Logan Violet. Logan woke up jarred by the experience, not just dealing with the trauma of staring death in the face but also hearing the thoughts of the entire crew around him. Much to his surprise, most of them had already formed strong opinions about him despite having never met them before.

Logan has a difficult choice ahead of him: he knows isolation will probably result in a complete loss of sanity, but he may be in just as much risk staying on board the Sting Ray with the rest of Petra’s crew.


Logan Yee

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