Locke Pourahmadi



Former elite Alliance Red Trooper, Locke was one of the first Red commissioned back when a single Sovereign still created the Red Infantry. Through incredible force of will, when the Sovereign died Locke was one of the few that was able to regain control of himself and helped the Alliance round up the renegade Red. Having been credited with saving the lives of thousands through creative use of his own ability, Locke was one of the few Red that was able to leave active service and enter “soft retirement.”

During the Red Roundup, Rudie and Locke worked closely together to safely apprehend all of the Red while preventing as many civilian casualties as possible. Much later on, Rudie would reach out to Locke and ask him to apprehend a certain renegade Violet. While Locke is the only one that’s managed to last more than a few seconds against the advanced strain, he eventually would succumb to her power and was brought on board her ship and infected with Violet. Instead of destroying her crew, however, Locke accessed the situation and made a different call.

While most of the Alliance’s protocols concerning Red have changed drastically since Locke was in service, he nevertheless remains an extremely capable and talented soldier. Locke also has an impressive resume of activities post-service, including helping to refine law as it applies to Red.


Locke Pourahmadi

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