Juniper "June" Sorra

Call me Juniper one more time and I'll wreck this boat.



Strength d6
Agility d12
Vitality d6
Intelligence d12
Alertness d12
Willpower d12


Animal Handling
Athletics d4
Covert d8
Discipline d6
Guns d8
Heavy Weapons
Influence d4
Mechanical Engineering d2
Linguistics d2
Medical Expertise d8
Surgery d10
Melee Weapon d2
Perception d8
Pilot d8
Mid-bulk Transport d10
Planetary Vehicles d8
Scientific Expertise d4
Technical Engineering d4
Unarmed Combat


Allure d6
Born Behind the Wheel d4
Fighting Type d4
Renaissance Man d8
Sawbones d4
Steady Calm d4

Allergy (live chickens) d2
Lightweight d2
Memorable d4
Phobia (live chickens) d2


Life Points 18
Initiative d12+d12

Juniper’s Gear
Juniper’s XP Tracker

  • raised by her dad who was a mechanic, all her dad’s buddies and their wives helped raise her to, like a group family
  • mom killed in shipping accident, she was a pilot, dad super discouraged Juniper from being pilot but Juniper was a natural and stubborn so she pursued it anyway, the mechanics helped teach her by letting her dock and undock ships they worked on
  • she became buddies with the other mechanic’s kids and when they got older and some of them joined the Brown coats she did too
  • Brown coat pilot, low rank, saw some live combat
  • had to learn medicine because no one else knew how and she had the steadiest hands, even patched up a purple belly who was left to die on the field and she felt bad for, he ended up turning browncoat and fought several battles in their side
  • after the war took odd jobs as a pilot, she wasn’t willing to work for ass holes and she often took jobs based on if she liked the people, that resulted in shit pay but she enjoyed herself so that was ok
  • she’s also recently started racing modified mules and has made quite a few credits and had a lot of fun with it

Juniper’s Voice Keys

Juniper "June" Sorra

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