Gerick Thurber



Jonah’s son and only child, Gerick lives with his father in the small mining town of Midian on Ezra. Like most boys his age he yearns for the excitement that the older men of the town left behind, but his youthful zest is tempered by his fathers insistent patience. Jonah knows he’s not much with numbers, but he’s a hard worker and made sure that Gerick had a substantial education.

Gerick is now the lead economist for the town. He knows the price and trend of platinum prices better than almost anyone else on the Rim and has used the excess of his fathers profit to provide for the betterment of the city. Jonah and Gerick both know that he could probably make a decent living as a financial adviser if he went back to the Core, which means Jonah can only patiently wait for the day his son hops on a transport for the big city.


Gerick Thurber

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