Gavin Mcilroy



Gavin was found by Petra and her crew while combing the white station, growing inside a bio-tube connected to a neural interface. Despite having a wealth of knowledge at his disposal, White Station was abandoned shortly after Gavin’s development and he continued to grow and age within his virtual environment.

Fourteen years later, Petra freed him from his virtual imprisonment. While Gavin is far and away the most successful integration of White, his mutation is extremely unstable. His potential, while incredible, is somewhat out of his control and he has no practical experience reigning in his abilities.


Gavin has revealed he’s a very capable telepath. While his abilities are substantial, he lacks a refined control and has some mental trauma from reading the horrific incidents committed by the Reavers on the station. Gavin has also demonstrated the ability to sense White derivatives and even influence the abilities of others.

He also has a physical state change with the stability of his mutation, exhibiting a heterochromia-like appearance when his mutation is in flux.


Gavin Mcilroy

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