Experiment XA8-B7125-Y


Current Disguise


When the Alliance began to realize they couldn’t successfully adapt White to human DNA, they began experimenting with genetically engineering a creature that was compatible. While the initial experiments failed, partial successes occurred in which creatures were created that could utilize and survive with White in their system but their higher order reasoning ability were lost. Nevertheless, the project was classified as a potential weapons program and continued despite the overly hostile nature of these creatures.

XA8-B7125-Y was one of the first successes of this program and managed to escape his confinement. In a matter of hours XA had completely ripped the station asunder before settling in the bowls of the primary fusion reactor. Periodically a stray Reaver will wonder into the power grid and become prey for the ever-hungry monster that lurks within the shadows.


Experiment XA8-B7125-Y

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