Constantina Heid



Constantina, or Ms. Heid as she prefers, was a well-to-do member of a Rim family and grew up in luxury. Passing into young adulthood, Constantina made the mistake of assuming the cut-throat Core Worlds would be as easily tamed as the docile and desperate populations on the Rim so she ventured further in expecting to master it all. Little did she know.

After about a year of frustration and failure, she ventured back out into the Rim. Unwilling to accept defeat and face her former family for fear of wounded pride and chastisement, Constantina met a young Jonah and partnered with him to get Midian off the ground. Outside of Jonah, she owns the largest stake in the town and makes a healthy cut of the towns profits which is more than enough to sustain her small-town but lavish lifestyle.

Constantina firmly believes that her founding of the town means she should have a say in how the town is run and Jonah does his best to humor her, but the reality is that she’s pretty far removed from it and deep down she remembers the harsh lesson she learned when she went to the Core. Constantina developed quite a liking to Jonah and was absolutely crushed when he chose to marry someone else, a betrayal which she still harbors an undue amount of animosity for and takes out on him at every opportunity.


Constantina Heid

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