Brave New Verse

Captain's Log #3

Well, finally got the whole “red eye” thing figured out. Turns out I was the one that cracked it not the Doc, not that I’m saying I knew I’d be the one to do it or nothin’. So because we’re exceptional the disease takes hold—if the person ain’t already an above average joe then he’s gonna stay the way he is.

We ran into some shit with Reavers. An abandoned boat and we got taken by surprise. Not real sure Reavers got it in’m to make a plan and execute it like what went down on that boat. Seems to me there’s another player…someone who got the jump on us. That, or the gorram cat figured out how to turn into a guy and forgot his boots in the cargo hold. Maybe crazy is a side effect of red eye…

Lance is still sporting his baby blues; kinda a bit worried he hasn’t jumped on the band wagon, it makes him more fragile than the rest of the crew. But that said it’s his choice so I can’t force it on him, wouldn’t be right to. And as always the Dr and I aren’t seeing eye to eye it feels like. Probably don’t help I made fun of him and he got to see it first hand with his ability through Natalie’s eyes. Guess I’d be right annoyed too. But in my defense he is a bit of a dick.

The new ship is pretty outrageous. The Kid really outdid himself.



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