Brave New Verse

Captain's Log #2

Been too busy to use this gorram thing—too much happenin’. We’ve got more info on what all this “red eye” disease is and even with all the info I’m at a right loss as what to do about it. Part of me thinks the brass is right and that I should turn myself over to them—less of a danger to myself and the rest of the verse. Other part of me wants to kamakazie into an alliance facility and take’m down with me.

I’m still worried about the kid and worrying about my crew so much I’m right stand-offish with’m. Can’t help but wonder why me. And Why are the Feds doing this.

I feel like it’d be better for the crew if I took off with the cruiser and led a merry chance for the Feds—give the crew the chance to start fresh. Hell, they don’t right see me as their captain anyway. I appointed Shin first mate. Guess the others already thought he was and if they thought he was he may as well be; that means he’s doin’ a might better job at leading than me right now. Not sure I’m pleased about that.

At least I’m findin’ jobs for us, but I’m startin’ to wonder if that is even worth it—I mean the kid could just wire us a boat load of money and we could fly around the verse like some sort of band of super heroes and right the wrongs. That ain’t a half bad idea, ‘cept I ain’t got the first clue how to be the good guy. I started by leaving the men alive that could ID me-that’s something a good guy would do right? Not murder when you don’t got to, but I ain’t even sure that was the right thing—now they’ll have more intel on me. So by doin’ the right thing I put my crew in danger, which in turn don’t make it the right thing. Right?

Seems to me I was better suited a grease monkey.



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