Brave New Verse

Captain's Log #1

So gonna give this thing a try, Jesus I’ve never really done a log and not really interested in starting, but feel like this is more of a will. From my understanding the Alliance are coming after me and the kid. So I may need these logs as a kind of monument. Shit, that’s depressin’.

Nobody’s done right by the kid thus far and I’m after fixing that. I’ve had a right messed up up bringing so I’m sure I’ll mess him up too—I mean my Mom literally drove me, well piloted me, INTO battle not from it, but my way of thinking is that if I want anyone in this verse to stand up and do right by me I need to do right by this kid.

I’m not real sure about my other passengers and for all I know I’ll wind up murdered on this ship before the Alliance even gets to me. Shin is probably working for some Tong or off a paid bounty for my head—although I actually like the guy, course that may change if he back stabs (or shoots) me. As far as the doctor…well I was dead set on hating that SOB for turn tailing and running when a kid like Adam was in danger, but I guess I’ve done my share of screw ups so I’m after giving him a chance; also can’t say he’s hard on the eyes. Regardless, if he gives me an excuse one way or the other…can’t actually decide if I would take a bullet for him or put one into him.

I’m also right pissed off about what these Alliance pricks did to me on that station. I don’t know what happened, not sure I want to know even if I could and ticked off I’m too chicken shit to want to find out more. I need to know, but doesn’t mean I want to know. Kind of hope the doc falls through and ends up being just something nice to look at.



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